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  1. As many times as I've seen Christine, Buddy's Camaro is silver/blue.
  2. I like the color ! Nicely done..
  3. Looks great ! I love the aggressive look, and color. I love these 4th gen Camaro's.
  4. Outstanding ! That is a perfect B4C ! I love the 4th gen Camaro's. I remember when Dallas police department had about 2 or 3 of these B4C interceptor Camaros. They were bad ass and fast. You could not out run them for sure.?
  5. I have the MPC 76 Camaro still sealed but I can open it up and look at the instructions. I think the 76 Camaro has the racing version also so the instructions for the 75 and 76 should be about the same.
  6. Is it going to be molded in Coca Cola red or the color of the pic car? If so I want a case of them.
  7. I've got the Butch Leal Duster still sealed. Hopefully I can find a S&M Duster.
  8. I guess I'm going to have to order it somewhere online.
  9. My local HL has neither the Chevelle nor the Boss. It has never even carried the MPC Squad Nova and I've been looking for it for awhile now.
  10. 500 dollars off on all remaining 70 Impala's. lol
  11. They used 2 Plymouth Valiant's in the movie one had the slant 6 and the other one had the 318. The gas station scene with the attendant does not show the engine when he opens the hood, but the actual Valiant that Dennis Weaver drove was with a slant 6. But there is one scene where they show the dash and it has factory A/C so I'm guessing in this scene they used the Valiant with the 318.
  12. How many more Trans Am's are we going to get? I would have rather had a 77 Camaro.
  13. I'll pass on this one, I don't like the looks of the Escalade anyway..
  14. The 76-77 Cutlass 442 is a complete different bodystyle from a 76-77 Monte Carlo. I don't even know why everyone is trying to compare the two. The only comparison to the 76-77 Monte Carlo would be the 76-77 Cutlass Salon coupe and the 76-77 Regal.
  15. Kramer's car is a 73 Impala not a Bel Air.
  16. This kit is an ok kit except for the rear bumper don't seem to fit flush as there seems to be a gap between the top of bumper and the body compared to the MPC El Camino where the rear bumper sits flush with the body. I also don't care for Monogram's offering of the engine as it don't have a lot of detail and seems like it has V6 to where the MPC El Camino has a better detailed engine and looks to be like a 305 V8. I have a MPC Nightmoves 80 El Camino unbuilt and I like the detailing better than the Monogram. That's just my opinion..
  17. I wonder why Round 2 is doing another reissue of Joker's Dodge Monaco? I never really thought that was a hot seller.
  18. Are you sure it's the new one coming out? My HL has plenty of the Cutlass but it's the 83's..
  19. I would buy 2 cases of these if it was ever to become a model kit instead of a fantasy kit..
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