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  1. We need to remember, this kit wasn't even properly announced until recently. The only reason we knew of it's existence prior to a few months ago was an "unauthorized" release of a pic of the 3D scanning of the subject. In normal kit development all the things that have taken place in the last two years on this project would have been done well before we even knew of the project. Add in a global pandemic and I'd say we're on track for test shots maybe by the end of 2022. Patience
  2. I think this is a solid guess. And to help a business case they could get a Parts Pack out of the deal if they did those beautiful gold line Firestones Another reason this is a solid possibility is that I just scored two of these recently after years of hunting, so of course they would rerelease it now.
  3. Great, yet another project idea to add to my list. Idea #2133- use up one of my multiple revell 29 ford roadster pickup bodies, kitbashed with the new Atlantis Yellow Fever kit Thanks Kit, just what I needed 😋
  4. Saw my first Lightning in the real world, and surprisingly it is at our dealership here in our little town of less than 2000 people. And it's on the lot, not an order for a customer.
  5. Just a few more mods to make before I start polishing and detail painting. The BD comes with an optional covered spare tire and bracket. The LD has nothing like that, but thankfully the AMT 32 Phaeton/Vicky kits come with a nice smooth spare tire cover that closely matches what comes in the BD. The bracket is a little narrow to securely fit into the molded in frame horn covers on the LD tool, but this is a blessing in disguise. I bought some very small (1mm x 1mm) high strength magnets on ebay, and set a couple of them in a small pool of superglue on the underside of the frame horn cover. Then a drilled a hole and inserted a pin into the ends of the spare bracket. Now I have a removable spare. Does anyone know if the AMT 32 phaeton or vicky were ever offered in bright white plastic? The one I have is a milky white which will require painting. The BD also has a chromed gauge insert. To replicate this I hollowed out the gauge area on my yellow piece, and did the opposite on a spare black dash I had. Now I have an easily chromed and detailed gauge insert. The other mod was out of a matter of necessity, and since I'm not painting I had to get creative on how to solve it. When the tooling for this kit was updated in the 80's to delete the Pontiac engine and replace it with a SBC they changed the way the motor is mounted to the chassis. The Pontiac rested on a flange that projected rearward from the front crossmember, which is now gone. Since I'm using the Pontiac I needed to replace it, but it had to be the same yellow plastic. So, I trimmed a piece of the parts tree to fit, sanded it, and glued it in place. You can see I also removed the SBC motor mounts. Left to do are the bumper brackets and a couple other minor items. It's getting there.
  6. Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Scott Solomon @Oldmopars for the great design work he did on these wheels for me. They will enable me to finally get started on a special project I've had my eye on for years. The design is spot on for the prototype, and he didn't even have prints to work on, it was a piece of artwork, and not even a straight on look, it was at an angle. And the print is beautiful. No evidence of stepping on the face, which is the most important thing.
  7. You may be correct, but the Stacy David tooling was designed as a replacement for the continuously reissued 97 tooled roadster (I don't think it was ever out of the catalog after it's initial release, even though it went through several different box art iterations). Apparently the tooling was getting worn out and they took the opportunity to create a new tool to replace it. And I'm pretty sure the long game was always to update it after the SD run. and here we are today.
  8. I guess it's my fault for nudging this off topic with my response about shipping issues. here's my attempt to get the conversation back on the topic in the title. Like Roger said, I highly doubt they will include the parts that are being replaced. But what I don't get about this particular issue and the changes being made due to "licensing", since when does Stacy David own the copyright on a chopped windshield on a 32 Ford? Or over frame exhaust headers on a Chevy engine? I suppose there may be a total percentage of the overall design they had to change in order to avoid the copyright infringement? Hence their ability to keep the (awesome) wheels and tires. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the coming changes, just wondering how much the "avoiding copyright" issues really is driving the changes.
  9. That sounds like a great project. I have a couple glue bombs I have taken apart to build a box stock SOF, but thought about using the other parts to build an alternate color. I'll be looking forward to your version because yellow should look pretty kool.
  10. I have been unable to get my hands on a bright white Little Deuce firewall. The only one I had left had been modified slightly, and was discolored. Since this is another minimal paint project I decided to replicate the firewall. But in doing so allows me to more easily add a key detail of the Big Deuce more easily, the chromed upper portion. Here you can see the last LD firewall I have left, the firewall that it got retooled into for later editions of the tooling (after the Early Iron edition) and the backer for the new piece I made out of .020 Evergreen. I used the new tool part as a template and put it back in the box it came from. After severing the upper portion from the LD firewall I used it to mark the height of the upholstered portion of the new dash. I marked the center if the firewall so I could start laying out my pleats using .080 Evergreen half round. In order to positively locate the firewall in the body I added short strips of plastic. I also drilled an access hole which allows me to remove the upper portion easily by pushing a pin through the hole. And here is the nearly finished assembly. I wrapped the outside of the whole thing with .010 x .100 Evergreen to finish of the edge and it adds a detail more prototypical to the real 1:1 firewall. Note how the upper section is removable for easy chrome and paint detailing. And here it is mocked up in place. Once the upper section is chromed I think only the most discerning eye will realize it's not the kit part.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I updated my above statement since it wasn't even I that was upset of the "lack of drag equipment"
  12. Sorry, I was not aware it was a global issue. Of course the mainstream media here in the US just focuses on how it's effecting us here in the US, forget about the rest of the world. 😵
  13. Now that this kit is hitting shelves, anyone care to share the kit contents and thoughts? I hear that they didn't touch the glass tooling, so they windshield and backlite will take careful gluing to secure in their respective openings? Some have complained that the drag version consists of a straight axle and blower. Not even a set of their excellent newly-tooled slicks?
  14. It's listed in this thread as one of the 3rd Quarter releases. However i don't know if that is officially from Revell or not Like Jim said above, the ports between the US and China are still twisted up with backlogs of ships, so that's probably why they haven't officially announced the date yet?
  15. Very busy right now with 2 seniors graduating 2 weeks apart. Getting projects wrapped up around the house since we are hosting parties/relatives/etc. Any bench time was allocated to finishing my challenge dragster which is now complete (public debut coming soon). Anyway, I have been able to work on this one a little bit. Decided to make the gauge cluster a separate piece like on the Big kit. Just because I could. I cut out the gauge area on my yellow dash and harvested the cluster from another dash to slide in from the backside. I need to finesse the opening a little more, but otherwise it's ready to go.
  16. So that begs the question, why doesn't an enterprising resin caster offer copies of the Nova exhaust for Camaro builders? My understanding is that the Nova exhaust drops into the Camaro frame.
  17. Great to see you back here Snake. I was beginning to get worried, not because I hadn't seen the parts but because you haven't been around. Hope you are recovering well. And no worries on the further wait, our health is the primary concern, everything else is secondary.
  18. These are very cool, especially the black Lindberg dragster and orange roadster. That Lindberg piece is a rare bird, and even though yours has the "wrong" engine in it (kit came with a 4 cylinder) it still deserves some love.
  19. A complaint I've heard about the recent issues of this kit has been the poor fitment of the glass in the openings. Could we bother you to do a little test fitting?
  20. @chris chabrefound it. Sport coupe influence with the door frame windows and no top, but the sport coupes had doors like the 5w, the 3w doors give it a great look here. The tub influence on the back end of the body is a neat idea. Definitely looking forward to more on this one when you get to it.
  21. So much coolness going on in this pic. But I have to ask about the teal sport coupe/tub/pickup 32 in the front row. I looked through your other threads and couldn't find anything about it. Details please, or maybe add it to your hot rod mockups thread so I don't clog up this awesome thread?
  22. You're killing me with this one. You HAVE to go lakes modified. I always love seeing guys mess around with this body, it's so adaptable to so many different styles, but this is a first. I have a bunch of these bodies myself, and thought about a lakes mod, but you making it a single seater is inspired!
  23. How about the flat-4 from a Jeep, but with chrome goodies? I'm pretty sure the Willys came stock with an engine based on the same engine. That's what I'm planning to use in my 33 Willys custom whenever i get back to it. But that has a much smaller engine compartment to work with. Your 40 has a lot more room to work with.
  24. Chris, thanks for the credit on the bed idea. Like I said before, just glad to help someone else since I have borrowed so many ideas from other builders over the years. I like the Lindberg 32 pickup, but the angle chop has always bothered me. But, if you take it away then it starts looking like the AMT 34 pickup, so a builder almost HAS to leave it. Your section job takes away the awkwardness of the angle chop by giving the whole cab a better proportion, so nice job. And the asymmetrical styling elements you have added are really well done. My only critique, and you can tell me to go pound sand, is the bob of the rear fenders. In my opinion it leaves the rear pan hanging out there on it's own. If you brought some of the length of the fender back and blended it into the bed (you can also curve the outer edge of the fender to reduce the heaviness) I think it would complete the rear end treatment.
  25. Sorry to continue the hijack Chris, but this thing is too cool @Bullybeef Not sure your exact plans for it, but I would dirty up the front whitewall to match the rear (or find some vintage painted whitewalls for the front since those modern tooled tires you have now give it away as not being a vintage build), and put a flat plastic tonneau on the bed with a big AMT creature decal on top. I'll try to find a pic so you know what I'm taking about. They came inlots of kits, but most memorable to me was the 61-63 chevy pickup. Otherwise this thing has such raw period appeal. It just needs a little help from you to get to the coolness finish line.
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