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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't seen any of Atlantis' automotive subjects at HL so far. Tons of aircraft, space and armor though.
  2. I agree, but I've only ever seen it in the yellowish resin used by most casters. The near white resin (most notably used by Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland) i have never had a shrinkage issue. As David also noted, the thickness of the resin body will be a factor. This is a modern tooled kit by Revell, and the interface between the body and chassis assembly is pretty precise. Flintstones quality has improved considerably in the last 25 years since i first purchased his stuff, but he is still all about volume (that's how he keeps the cost down) so his bodies are a bit thicker than you're probably used to. The speed with which these are produced may also contribute to the shrinkage apparent here. I'm glad you brought this up because my friend performed a chopped top on one of these bodies for me, and I haven't gotten around to building it yet, so I'll have to pay special attention to the fitment.
  3. I don't think this kit will benefit directly from Atlantis' new tire tooling since this kit has plastic tires molded together with the wheels. To use these new tires they would also have to tool up a new set of wheels for this kit (which wouldn't be the worst thing ever because those wagon wheel looking front wheels have got to go.)
  4. I don't think it's an easter egg, but a direct call back to the decal sheet from the original issue, although this time you get two dragsters in different colors.
  5. My storage process looks like this (in order of size) Automotive or workshop style parts cabinet with drawers Next level is i purchased the cheap food prep containers at walmart Then the next size up is various sized Sterlite storage containers, mostly the "shoe" size, but I do have a few larger ones for bodies and stuff.
  6. Sweet little hot rod Mat. Nice to see you building again
  7. Very nice hot rod. i especially like the finish on the seats, they look like real leather.
  8. Very cool little hot rod. At first it didn't hit me that it's wasn't the Revell roadster body.
  9. I'm not seeing the discrepancy between the bodies. The resin body is based on the Olds, so it doesn't make sense that it would now be too small to fit the Revell frame. Could you share pics of the frame/floor pan with the resin body to better illustrate where you are having issues? I'm not saying you're wrong, it just doesn't make sense.
  10. You and i both. Sooooo many great parts on that tree.
  11. This part? if so, that's the roof insert for the 30 coupe version
  12. Very cool conversion, and well executed as always from your bench.
  13. I think this is the first appearance of these wheels. Are the rears a deeper offset? Where are they from? if this is explained elsewhere I apologize, but I didn't see it in a quick scan of the thread.
  14. What your post just made me realize after all these years since the RR was kitted... Revell spent the money to make an all new mold, with RR specific parts, but didn't do the I beam. What a missed opportunity. I can see them not changing it in all the modified reissues over the years. But they cut all new steel for the RR, and didn't do the Ibeam, even though it's a design feature of the subject car. Thankfully they put it in the model A's
  15. I'm not saying everyone wants a W engine parts pack. What I'm saying is, if it is not their intent to offer it as an optional engine in one of the drag kits, why showcase it with one of the drag kits? With all the off-the-wall conjecture that surrounds Atlantis on social media, a confusing image like this only makes things worse. I appreciate them putting things out there, but for some reason Atlantis in particular is the victim(for lack of a better word) of wild rumor and speculation about their offerings, and at times can be very maddening to witness.
  16. This gets to the root of my question. How did they get that tooling if it was last run in China? Or, am i seeing it wrong and they are in fact new tooled tires?
  17. It's not displayed with the 55 builtup, otherwise I wouldn't have questioned it. it's displayed with one of the "parts pack" dragsters. Confusing to be displayed that way if it's not going to be part of one of those kits
  18. Thanks Mark. I'm not familiar with that kit. But wouldn't the engine parts be integrated into the rest of the tooling for that kit as per what we normally see? Or is it contained on it's own tree? If it is it's own tree an inclusion in the "parts pack" kits would be pretty straightforward. But if it is mixed into the trees for the 55 wouldn't that be problematic?
  19. Revell USA subject observations... Very excited to see one of the roadsters coming back to the Revell 32 series. It's nice that it's the Rat Roaster based tooling because they made some nice revisions over the original 96/97 tooling. The lakes headers and interior are nice additions, and the Duvall is pretty cool. Sadly, this probably means that the chopped windshield is no more. 😢 (Revell, maybe don't delete it from the tooling, just don't picture it on the box or instructions???) 37 pickup- nice to have this back because it's a parts gold mine, and builds up to a great replica on it's own. Curious how they will treat the very prominently displayed whitewall tires. (hopefully pre-painted?) 69 Camaro- nice to finally see a new version. the last was the COPO, no? Like most of us, I'd love to see the chambered exhaust replaced, but it's not a deal breaker. 71 Olds- love this body style, and it looks like they got it right from the test shot. I'm in! '99 Lightening- Glad they finally are doing this. Glad I never attempted my own version of the movie truck 71 Mustang- nice to hear "straight from the horses mouth" that this project is real, and still moving along. i didn't have any doubts, but many people did. Funny that Ed is aware of that fact
  20. Atlantis subject observations... I spy a W-motor. There was no 348/409 parts pack. Where did this come from? I also spy the Nailhead. This one was not released as part of the group Revell did back in the late 90's. Nice to see that one is still around. Guess I can build the original I have with a little less guilt (I would have done it either way 😋 ) So Atlantis somehow got the "Rat Rod" tire tooling, the ones with the separate whitewalls that debuted in the Revell 29 Ford pickup. They were last seen with the backdated Tweedy Pie from a few years ago. Was that run produced in the USA? They had to have new tooling created for all the tires for the "parts pack" car kits. Looking at the images, some look real good, the others... I will reserve judgement until i see them in person.
  21. Even though it shares design and proportion attributes with the long running Revell 32 Ford series, I'm 99% sure it was confirmed by Ed Sexton to be all new tooling. @tim boyd?
  22. Looking at the automotive releases announced within just the last couple weeks seems to point to the ice breaking up. The items announced are decidedly bent towards the North American market, so the thaw may be in progress. Here's to hoping this is the beginning of the snowball. Please forgive the winter analogies. It's hot as heck here today
  23. Yes, you sure can. I've never said you can't. What I'm saying is... 1- if there is no kit i want I'm not buying ANYTHING because I don't have that "golden ticket" coupon. Instead of buying SOMETHING, I now generally buy NOTHING. And it's not a protest to the new policy or anything. But when I had that single item 40% of coupon I almost always walked out having spent money. Now they get $0 2- Their lack of turnover in the kit selection over the last couple+ years makes it hard for me to buy ONE kit, let alone several. So the 40% off the entire model selection is pointless if they can't give me ONE kit to purchase. No more response is required. If you don't understand my point by this time in the exchange it's pointless. I've wasted enough time on something so trivial in the grand scheme of life already
  24. Mods may want to consider merging this topic with the existing 30 coupe thread also currently getting new responses due to the news of the kits release
  25. I don't know why they would remove it, especially since it's integrated in the same parts tree as the interior panels. And the insert is part of the chrome shot with the stock grille and windshield surround. Would just seem silly to delete it. But stranger things have happened. Tim, these images are from your fotki album for this kit. hope it's ok.
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