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  1. Still swimming in Apache wheels Casey? 😉 But seriously, wish Round2 could find the tooling and give us at least one of these versions. Image the MachOne with pad printed gold line tires, the Apache wheels and a tinted clear tree to go with stock clear one? Then offer those gold lines in a Parts pack! daydreaming again 🙄
  2. I really wish they would off a lower cost airbrush friendly option. What i mean is the chrome spray by itself in a small quantity without all the other stuff, so it would come out cheaper than the 12oz spray bomb. I may go with the 12oz spray to get my feet wet, so to speak, based on your recommendation. But like you said, you're wasting quite a bit with the spray can instead of airbrush. Maybe someone should start a new topic with this to keep it focused on what appears to be a possibly revolutionary product for our hobby?
  3. I don't think they can. Someone will surely correct me, but something to do with the tooling being altered into a monster truck i seem to recall
  4. Dragging up a very old topic, but I just scored a rough builtup Turbo Vette. Sadly missing the clear roof and one of the exhaust manifolds (anyone, lol???) The point of my bringing this up is the frame was very heavily glued. Almost nothing was salvageable except the wheels and tires. How close is the Mako(later Custom Corvette) frame to this one? I know both of those kits are also hard to get at this point, but at least it broadens my search options. It really a shame because this kit had the metal springs and articulating front suspension, but man this kid used a LOT of glue.
  5. I'm only throwing the HEMI out there based on the builtup that Mr Duff shared from the kit announcement at IPMS. The original double kit that featured the Fiat had the nailhead in the box, so I'm hoping that's what they include this time as well.
  6. Nabbed this pic from James Duff's coverage of the IPMS Nationals last year where these kits were announced. Not saying for sure this is one of the engines included in the upcoming kit, but it looks like a HEMI poking out from under that hood.
  7. They should still be in the most recent release of the kit. Either that or they're pretty common, maybe a fellow builder will help you out?
  8. I scored one awhile back. The box is roached out (it's barely intact enough to hold the contents. i should probably put it in a container so i don't lose anything.) I want to build one with the working "levitation" feature
  9. This, but instead of the wires (which look cool on this car, but don't really fit with your build) how about the wide 5 style wheels (think AMT 36 Ford) but with the center picked out in a different color (or chrome would look sharp)
  10. This, right here...is money! If you can nail down that stance this will be a home run. Like Dennis said, this just shows there's more than one way to backdate the Revell 32 frame. I've tackled that a bunch of times on the Revell 32 frame, but never on the 32 from from the Model A kits. I suppose that might be easier since the floor board is separate.
  11. Another one I built as a kid when it was new. However this one is still in one piece on my shelf.
  12. Cool. I built this as a kid when it was new, and it actually turned out well. However, being a kid I later stripped it for parts for other projects. I do have a mint kit in my stash for an "adult" build someday.
  13. Argh, you're killing me @Spex84. I have a bunch of stuff in my cart on Shapeways store, looks like I'll need to add some more.
  14. Glad to see this one getting attention again. I know from your other posts that life got in the way for awhile. But it's a real treat to see all of these nearly done projects cross the finish line.
  15. Glad to see this one back small note, the grille is mounted far too vertically. I know you're still doing mock ups but wanted to make sure if you weren't aware of the positioning of a 33/34 grille. As a quick guide, that trim piece on top should be almost parallel to the ground
  16. They did, in the sedan. That kit is in serious need of a reissue.
  17. Glad this one got brought up over in RRR's build thread because this thing is stunning. Low and behold, I commented on it nearly three years ago as well.
  18. If you're building a hot rod 34 use the Lincoln wheels and tires on the back and the 40 wheels and tires on the front for a vintage "rubber rake"
  19. Nice work overall. The engine is particular. But what really struck me is your engine stand. made out of kit sprue?
  20. Hey @Ballroad, I stumbled on this thread again and was curious if you progressed and further with this project?
  21. I wouldn't read too much into the textured headers simulating a cast iron item. Either sand it smooth to simulate steel, or leave it textured to simulate a heat resistant paint treatment (white). If it was me I'd do the former. Those are straight pipes, so it's drag car ready. Have fun
  22. Glad you're going with the 6. i love drag cars with "alternative" engine se ups (as opposed the the standard SBC/BBC and Hemi's)
  23. I knew if I didn't say someone would ask, haha 64 Olds convertible, Revell 62 Impala, Revell 80's firebird (I think that's what it is)
  24. Went to HL last week and was surprised to find three "new" models on their shelves. I say "new" because they're just new to HL, not everywhere else. but still, it appears maybe the dam is breaking? Didn't buy any of them (not on my list), but at least it give me hope that new things are coming. I did finally pull the trigger on the 83 Olds concept car, first thing I've bought at HL since they changed the coupon policy
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