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  1. Your inbox is full — won’t accept messages.
  2. Outstanding job. The multi piece body totally defeated me when I was a kid.
  3. My favorite E-Type color combo is a dark gunmetal with a crimson red interior. I believe they called the color opalescent gray.
  4. Spectacular job. Your work on the windshield frame is one of those little details that makes a big difference.
  5. I saw one on display at a Gilmore show in Michigan. I wasn’t prepared to see how big they are.
  6. When the repop of the 1/12 Bentley came out with the revised registration number, I contacted Airfix to see if there were any other changes to the original kit. They wrote me back that this was the only difference, and the change was dictated by a Bentley executive. I believe Lauren still has 6571 in his possession.
  7. Using the registration number shown in your photo, I tracked down this car at vintagebentleys.org. It’s a 1930 6.5 litre Speed Six, driven by Steed in several episodes from 1967-68. The interesting part is that Macnee couldn’t drive it, so they always used a stunt driver. If it’s a blower, it’s not a typical Bentley supercharger in front of the radiator. Lots of photos at the site, but I can’t copy and paste the url.
  8. As I recall, the Steed Bentley was a non-blower Speed Six.
  9. What’s up with the right-hand drive? Does the kit also offer LHD?
  10. In the kit, there is a distinct panel line horizontally where the upper body joins the lower body. No such line on the 1:1.
  11. You could probably even build the Tom Mix Cord using the 1/12 AMT kit, which was my plan. Though it’s a 2-seater, it shouldn’t be too hard to adapt to a cabriolet with a back seat and smaller trunk lid (they have the same wheelbase).
  12. Your biggest issue will be how much you care about the body seam that runs along the bottom of the doors. I don’t have the link, but fixing it has been covered on the forum.
  13. Has anyone built the 1/16 version? It’s been gathering dust on my shelf while I’ve gathered stuff like the Haynes manual and BBS wheels.
  14. Based on your Africa clue, I Googled Madagascar SUV truck, but nothing close turned up.
  15. Harry and I conferred on that one together. I sent him the curbside Aurora Stutz Bearcat and the Lindbergh Stutz Racer with engine, which he added.
  16. Google Amaco WireForm mesh screens, which are available in a wide variety of patterns and densities. I have several that work well in different scales. www.amaco.com
  17. What we know to begin with is that the original kit and registration number are based on a car currently owned by Ralph Lauren. When this version of the kit with new registration plate came out, I contacted Hornby/Airfix to see what was different. They e-mailed me that the only difference is the registration number change, which was dictated by a Bentley executive who owns that number for his car.
  18. Just another picture of the same car at the same car show. https://www.flickr.com/photos/93207294@N04/36793013605/
  19. I also told you it was a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger Mk 1A. This can be identified by the square bottom door corners, unfilled body seams and original grille bar.
  20. Okay, here's a 1200 and a 1500. I'm done with this game.
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