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  1. I'' ve mentioned it before use 30 minute epoxy mixed with micro balloons.
  2. I use 2-part putties and also 30 minute epoxy mixed with micro balloons. I can't say enough about this filler. No problems with shrinkage,ghosting or any ills. The micro balloons makes the mix easy to sand.
  3. Have you considered Testors Brass metallizer? aerosol or bottle.
  4. I have two buckets of the type used for swimming pool clorine. A 5 gal. and 2.5 gallon. They have very safe and tight locking lids. The I'd be wary of some plastic containers as some are meant to decompose. The one shown with the locking flaps are great.
  5. Russ, The smaller part where the tip goes in. Look closely and you'll see where the valve is pressed into the can. Mike
  6. I use one of those ratcheting clamps. Holding the can UPSIDE DOWN I clamp on the tip and it starts to spew propellant. I hang this in a convenient place(my carport) and let it gas out. When it is completely done I remove the clamp and shake the can. Laying a rag over the top I rip the top off with a good pair of sidecutters. I can then add a little thinner and swirl the can around and dump the paint into a jar. I worked at an aerosol valve manufacturer and this task I 've done 100's of time. Your results may be different.
  7. This is very nice! I would not have thought about looking for a resin sedan to do this. I have to look a little closer at what MCW has in resin. Cool Build, Was just going thru/sorting old car mags and ran across an article on this racer.
  8. Your right ! I have a 4 page article on these cars. I posted pics here a long time ago about just how very incomplete the bare shells were that were sent to that shop. No rear quarter panels and not even a roof panel ! Mr. Norms first AWB was a sedan that only had the rear wheels moved forward.
  9. Hopefully this works, http://www.moparmax.com/columns/magnante/vii_4-2.html
  10. If your talking about those rubber boots, you can make them by using common hole punches of different diameters and punch some discs from sheet plastic. Stack them up and glue them together.
  11. Always nice to see your work Peter. I like most everything about it,but the headlites seem to be too big in my eyes.
  12. Agreed! Been to 3 NATS and loved it. The sheer scope of what is there blows me away everytime.
  13. Yes ! great kit and with two in the stash I have much work to do. You may want to check an older issue of MCM as they had a great build -up of one.
  14. I screwed up the windshield on the '61 Catalina and contacted the CS in Florida and got a new windshield free with free shipping. GREAT SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Interesting topic. I have no comment as I don't want to offend anyone.
  16. FIRST you cut-up a diecast alter the whelbase,change the base model to a post sedan THEN you build a brass frame! Sheeesh ! AWESOME WORK!!!!!!
  17. the company that makes them is Du-Bro I see them on ebay but couldn't copy the link
  18. The freezer trick works but you fill the tubes with water. You have to bend before the ice melts. Check with Hobbico,they have hobby sized tubing benders for the RC hobby.
  19. Thanks after posting this I gave it some thought and the t_bird would be good choice. The model has been converted to a two door wagon with all the custom parts front and rear.
  20. Missing link does some resin upgrade tailights And Shawn Carpenter does a rear panel. I've yet to order either however. The item that really bothers me on that car is the under hood area and the chassis. I scribed out a cowl and front radiator support from the AMT '69 442, and used the entire chassis as well . I've heard the '68 El Camino works well too.
  21. Nice assortment that you have there. I have a pile of those parts/pieces and have thought about casting them. Don't know what ones would see any interest.
  22. I have all of the Scale Dreams resin that I am aware of . I read that they did a transkit for a GTO kit but never saw it. The Scale Dreams I have are the Nomad, Corvair, Stingray, And the Indy concept . The only Corvette after giving t some thought that would have a top like this was one made by IDEAL. It was a large scale toy that could be taken apart. That top would be interesting to make a pattern of and vacuum form it.
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