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  1. Both are fantastic! I really like the hot rod version. Great choices on color and wheels. These are perfect examples of it's not the model, it's the modeler!
  2. Here is what I did, as others said, a lot of work for little reward. I had a stock hood from an original MPC '56/'57 Corvette, so I have fit that to work. The car will be a modified sport drag car if I ever get around to finishing it.
  3. I agree, the front is where it comes apart, terribly. It really makes no sense with the rest of the design....
  4. Stunning build, as others have said, it is hard to believe it is a model and not the real thing!
  5. Amen! You are exactly right. Excellent work on the model! Love that it has Pontiac engine too!
  6. The last revision on the hood scoop makes all the difference! I like the way it fits up on the cowl now. The blue is an excellent choice also.
  7. Great job! It looks a lot more convincing with the changes you made. I thought the same thing about this kit, way to modern for my taste.
  8. In Corvettes, the L-89 is a 427, with aluminum heads and a 3x2 intake, rated at 435 hp. The engine in the Revell '69 Corvette is supposed to be the L-89. The L-71 is basically the same set up, but no aluminum heads and is rated at 400 hp. The L-88 is pictured in a post above and was factory rated at 430 hp. These set ups were available from the factory from 1967 to 1969.
  9. Excellent work and great color combo!
  10. This one has got it all! Wicked stance, wild engine, the paint and details are perfect! Outstanding work!
  11. Excellent! If that's true, that means the Gremlin is coming back!
  12. Here is what I did to fix the horrible hood situation. I glued the front end on, opened the hood and added "stockish" trim. It still needs a little tweaking and clean up, but I am pretty happy with it. Certainly not prototypical for stock or hot rod, but it works better than the flip nose.
  13. If only it looked like that box art! That is awesome! I guess you would have to use the later issue Revell hardtop kit and the gasser parts and decals that are in this reissue to make it happen.... might be worth it, that is really cool!
  14. It looks like Revell is reissuing the custom version, if you check the thread about Revell 2022, it is listed there.
  15. With all the talk about this kit being reissued, I decided to dig out this stalled project and give it a second look. It a 70's issue, Monogram, black version. The main reasons it stalled were the decals silvered and the scoop cracked and has a chip in the paint. The floor pan doesn't fit correctly and the front wheels don't line up in the wheel wells also.
  16. I only have one of the first issue of this, but the new version looks like it is a lot better with the Duvall windshield and more traditional interior. I am in for a few, just for the parts.
  17. Nice job! You nailed the look you were going for!
  18. Holy cow! Super job! Excellent work on the graphics and details.
  19. Great job! Nice to see a stock one now and again!
  20. I am looking forward to getting one of these, the box art is excellent!
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