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  1. Started this kit back in 2013 but it stalled out and I lost interest. But decided earlier this year it will get completed. For more details. Here is the WIP thread This build is a tribute to Richard Manson, aka Ramfins59 for his love of cars from the 50's.
  2. I finished up the Revell 1968 Dodge Charger R/T yesterday. The paint is Model Master Plum Crazy Metallic Lacquer with Model Master Clear Gloss. The wheels were airbrushed with Molotow Chrome and are from Mad Modeling, while the front tires are from the kit, and the rears from Fireball Modelworks. The interior is a combination of Apple Barrel Gloss White for the seats and door panels, Stynylrez White Primer for the headliner, Stynylrez Black Primer for the carpet and rear shelf, and Apple Barrel Gloss Black for the dash. I used the optional 426 Hemi and cut and bent the exhaust to mate with the headers. I used BMF for the window and fender trim, and hand painted Molotow for the taillight panel trim. I added valve stems, door locks, and ignition wires for extra detail. This is an excellent kit with lots of extra parts, including an engine stand, to build the stock, custom, or drag version. I can definitely see myself grabbing another 1 or 2 of these in the future. Thanks for looking!
  3. Dug out this stalled build which was started in 2013. At that time, adapted the wheels, set the ride height and got all the parts cleaned up and that's when I stopped working on it. Got the body out last year for prep and a coat of surfacer, then stopped working on it again. This time im going to try get it complete. The kit. As per usual my favourite wheels. Parts are all good to go, just need a wash and then paint. Makes me laugh they have been in this container for 8 years. Box stock chassis. Separated the x part of the frame so the join line could be cleaned up properly. Reason for that will come about later. Modified the oob inlet manifold to have a dual carb set up. And a surfacer wheel mock. Got some nice warm summer days all week, so fingers crossed I can get the usual black paint applied.
  4. tbill

    1969 corvette

    Finally had some daylight time to take a few pics. Finished in Marlboro maroon and tan interior. I used the wheels from the AMT 70 impala, everything else was in the kit. Built up nice , highly recommended. It is the yenko version kit, this kit has a way more complete decal sheet than prior issues. thanks for looking.
  5. Just finished the ‘69 GTO by Revell/Monogram. I really had fun with this one. It took a lot of work to get the nose to line up flush with the body, but other than that there were no real issues. The kit was pretty basic so I had to make a few small tweaks/additions (engine bay, door handles, mirrors, tail lights, dash bezels, gauge faces, side reflectors, etc.) It was my first “candy” paint job and I really like how it added depth and realism to the little car - it almost changes color depending on the light. Tamiya spray cans - 2 coats grey primer, 3 light coats of clear red over two coats of gloss aluminum, wet sanded then cleared with ts-13 and polished out. Will definitely use that combo again. Gonna try it with clear blue next… Foiling the trim tested my patience more than usual but I eventually calmed down and got it done. Had no choice but to do the window and wheel trim with Hasegawa mirror finish since I simply could not get the bmf to stick (may redo it if/when bmf ever sorts out their product - it’s been brutal and almost ruined the build). Ok enough complaining 😜 I want to drive this car!!
  6. Nice reissue. Lots of parts, can be built stock height if you wish, will require parts box wheels and tires for stock look.
  7. Thought I’d posted this, but guess I didn’t, lol. Finished in fathom green with a dark green interior. Used model car garage PE set and a MAD pre wired distributor. Another well engineered kit that goes together pretty nice. Thanks for looking.
  8. Here are content pics of the 1/16 Revell Movin' Out "Big Rig" styled custom Chevy Van, released in 1977: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1627/revell-movin-out-styled-chevy All the requisite custom van touches are present in the van's interior, from the reel-to-reel tape deck, the wood paneling and spindle detail on the pass-through, and the diamond tufted interior panels. Outside, it's a little Peterbilt or Kenworth wannabe, with dual vertical exhaust stacks, air horns, exterior mounted air cleaners, and big-rig style grille and headlights. Yeah, it was a thing back then. 😁
  9. Finally got this one wrapped up on Friday. I modeled it after the firebird I want to own someday (bottom of this pic). Can’t tell you how much I loved this kit. It’s basically everything the current Revell 69 Camaro WISHES it could be. The wheels were its only minor weakness - so I replaced them with a set from my mustang 😎 Gonna get some proper Pontiac wheels on it someday. Made a few tweaks - vinyl top, hood vents, exhaust tips, cut up the dash and added an 8-track player with some tunes, detailed the engine a bit, the aforementioned wheels, etc. - but it’s mostly right out of the box. I really hope Revell reissues this one. I want to do it again in a few different styles, and they’re getting pricey on EBay. Tamiya champagne gold, clear, and matte black rattle cans for the bod and top 🤙🏽
  10. Finished this one a couple of weeks ago and finally got it outside for some pics. Not the most detailed kit in the world but still a lot of fun... My plan was to convert it to a full r/a with a rallye hood, but I couldn’t find a decent one online. I’ll keep looking and someday I’ll swap them out and add the r/t badges. Until then, we have a little custom r/t-t/a hybrid. Paints are all tamiya cans…gloss black for the body and matte for the vinyl top. I like to think a baaaad man drove this thing.
  11. Hey guys…new to the forum. Here are some shots of my latest build. Paints were all tamiya spray cans (not much room for an airbrush setup in my tiny nyc apartment!). Pearl light blue and clear for the body, racing white and black for the interior. Used a ton of tricks and tips I found on this site so a big thanks to all of you. Hope to add some future builds here soon. Thanks again!
  12. Hey everyone - I’m a new member but I’ve been lurking for awhile. Been coming here for everything from painting tips to scratch building tutorials and the wealth of knowledge has been tremendously helpful. Made my first model car in March while looking for a covid hobby to keep me busy and I’ve been hooked ever since. Here’s my most recent build…a 67 GTX by Revell. Had ourselves a nice little photo shoot by the east river. She’d look way worse if it wasn’t for this forum so thanks again!
  13. Here’s my newly finished Revell 40th Anniversary Corvette convertible! This kit fought me for hours during final assembly but overall I think it turned out ok. The windshield did not fit at all so I had to sand down the dashboard a LOT to get the windshield to sit at the right angle. Also, the hood didn’t want to close all the way because I think I glued the radiator and shroud in wrong. So I had to shave down the under hood structure some. The hood has a slight warp to it as well, solved by some sticky tack to hold one corner of the hood down. The actual 40th Anniversary car is more of a plum color (like the box shows) but this kit is molded in a lovely metallic red that I thought would be a shame to cover up with paint. This is the first molded-in-metallic-color kit I’ve seen without molding flow lines so it was a great candidate for bare plastic. I polished the body with Tamiya Fine and Finish compounds, followed by a single heavy coat of Pledge Floor Gloss. The body is slightly transparent in thinner areas but it’s not that noticeable once it’s together. For the movable body panel lines, I used a .05 Molotow Blackliner pen. I think it’s too thick for scale panel lines but overall I like the effect. The chrome trees in this kit were really badly finished so I stripped it all off and used Molotow chrome where appropriate. The wheels are painted Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf, which is my new favorite color for polished aluminum wheels. Overall I’m happy with this one. I’m probably in the minority here, but the C4 is my absolute favorite Corvette gen as far as looks go so I’m excited to have one on my shelf!
  14. Here's the Revell 1968 Dodge Dart GTS. What a fantastic kit! Everything fit great, and I had pretty much no issues at all with the build, although I did have to shorten the rear axles to fit the wider tires inside the stock fenderwells. The color is Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue over gray primer, and was cleared with Tamiya TS-13. The red stripes are decals from the Revell '68 Charger 2'n1 kit. The seats, door panels and dash are Apple Barrel Gloss Black craft paint. The engine is a mixture of Folkart Dutch Aqua with a touch of Apple Barrel Laguna craft paints. The wheels are from Morgan Automotive Detail and were airbrushed with Molotow Chrome. The rear tires are from Fireball Modelworks, and the fronts are from the parts box, although I'm pretty sure they came from the Revell '68 Chevelle kit. I did the trim in Bare Metal Foil and added door locks, valve stems, and ignition wires for added detail. Again, what a great kit, I really enjoyed this build. I included both indoor and outdoor pics to show how the metallic paint pops in the sun. Thanks for looking!
  15. Just finished Revell's 1969 Boss 302 Mustang. I used a custom mixture of Decoart Jack O' Lantern Orange and Folkart Lipstick Red for the color ( I was going for Calypso Coral, I think I got pretty close) and cleared it with Tamiya TS-13 Clear Gloss. The same colors, but with a slightly different mixture, were used for the chassis. The interior is just Apple Barrel Black with Pledge brushed on the seats, dash, and door panels for the sheen, while the woodgrain is all kit decals. The hood was painted with Krylon Short Shots Flat Black with a quick polish of Novus #2. I used BMF for the window trim, brushed on Molotow for the grille trim, and added heater hoses, ignition wires, door locks , and valve stems for extra detail. This is a great kit, although I wish the interior were a little more detailed, and everything fit together very well. I may have to buy and build another, lol. Thanks for looking!!
  16. Following James breaking the news on this kit at the IPMS show, found here...: I figured there'd be enough interest in this kit to merit a topic of it own. All pics found here: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10807406
  17. Here’s my Revell Cadillac lowrider! This kit was a blast to build and went together very well. My only gripe is the fit of the lower body cladding and chrome trim panels. It’s painted Tamiya TS-8 Italian Red for the body, with TS-45 Pearl White for the vinyl top and interior. I did the interior over black primer to give some shadows in the crevices, but after 4 coats it still looks kinda silver or light gray in person. It looks fine to me though. Vinyl top is painted over gray primer and is the color I was going for. Anyway I definitely plan on buying another one of these kits! I do wish they made this kit with a 2 in 1 stock option but I like the lowrider look too. I built this kit for my brother as a tribute to the ‘73 Coupe DeVille he and I both owned. That car was a similar bright red with a white top, white seats and black dash/carpet.
  18. Here's my 1968 Chevelle that I just completed along with a little back story. The owner bought her back in 1997 before the prices of Muscle Cars started going crazy with the intention of doing a complete restoration. Life and other things got in the way so it sat until a few years ago when he finally had time and resources to get working on it. The goal was to have a "triple threat" vehicle that looks and runs like a winner. He wanted it to be right at home at the strip, on the streets as a cruiser, and on the show grounds. After 3 years (actually weeks, lol) he feels like he accomplished his goal. Oh yeah, never mind the boxes on the seat, he just got back from the auto parts store when he took the pics, lol. He kept the 396 badges on the car to keep up the "wolf in sheep's clothing" façade, lol. The owner also kept all of the original parts in case he ever wanted to put it back to factory stock. He pulled the original 396 and replaced it with a 454 bored up to 496 cubic inches (not really, but who can tell in 1/25 scale plastic, lol), and topped it off with an Edelbrock intake and a Holley Carb (from Fireball Modelworks). The air cleaner is a machined unit from Off The Sprue. The paint is Tamiya TS-11 Maroon and is cleared with Tamiya TS-13. The lower panels are painted in Tamiya TS-14 Black and the trim is done with BMF. The interior is done in Black craft paint with some satin varnish mixed in for a little sheen. A column mounted tach was added and a triple gauge pod on the console behind the shifter. The exhaust is custom made with scratch built mufflers and 3/8 inch styrene tubing for the pipes, and the headers came from the AMT '67 Chevelle Pro Street kit. The wheels are custom made deep dish Rally's in the rear and the kit rally's in the front, while the front tires are also from the kit and the rears from Fireball Modelworks. I added Battery Cables, ignition wires, heater hoses, valve stems and door locks for extra details. This is a fantastic kit and was a joy to build. Thanks for looking!
  19. hi everyone !😄 this is my REVELL 1/24 '70 dodge challenger T/A,an very nice kit and easy to build!! hope you guys like it!!🙂 and here is the video build if you are interested..🙂
  20. This is the Revell snap-together 2015 Mustang kit. This was my first try with aftermarket parts: wheels, tires, and disc brakes & calipers; photo-etched radio dial, speaker grills, and various Mustang emblems; military lenses for the front lights positioned under the grill; and acetate instrument panel dials. The rear-view and side mirrors are from an unbuilt ’69 Mustang kit. I drilled holes in the side mirrors and receiving holes in the body and used thin pieces of wire to act as pegs for mounting. I fabricated exhaust pipes from aluminum tubing. I found some photos of the real headlights, printed them out and cut them to size for the body openings. For the back license plate, I used photo-etched Mustang and GT emblems on the plate holder from the unbuilt ’69 kit. The paint is Testors Mystic Emerald green.
  21. To me the 1941 Willys is the best looking gasser. I have seen a ton of pics online and just love the way they look. I plan on getting one down the road to build and I'm looking at the Reveal Big John Mazmanian 1941 Willys. Show me what you have, what brand, and what year.
  22. Gestation happened in my Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit review thread. I started by barely tacking the engine together and onto the chassis pan. Measured and drew plans to figure out where to chop and modify. I thought cutting down the engine components would help, and considering the way Revell engineered it, nobody would notice. Each surface was filed down before reassembling with just a little more glue, but still can separate to paint. Cut apart the plenum, air filter and canister part. Sawed off the engine bay sides. I sawed, and in some cases scribed and broke apart the chassis pan. The suspension is really non-existent, lower A-arms were easy to relocate. The back has been narrowed. Shortened the pan behind the front axle line. I glued all this with regular toxic Testors glue, and Flex-i-file liquid cement, much like welding. That way if I needed to adjust, could pull apart, and I could squirm it around for adjustment (supergluing does not allow this). I used the Dremel with this bit for everything, here I just removed the edge of the pan. I really cut apart the interior tub, with a saw, and filed down and straightened the cuts. I needed to keep this as a separate piece, for being able to get the struts in later. I tacked parts onto the pan, but welded all together as I went. I adjusted my plan as needed, kept the tunnel which will need some modification to the chrome trim part. I really like the tunnels, so cut off the rear body part, made several saw cuts. Front of the pan was sawed off, some Dremel grinding to shape, real rough at this time. But it all fits in great, and don't need an engine hump! Thinking of how to add fender flares, simple round bumps most likely. Still need to shorten front axles. Modified the rear, decided to keep the original grills, but going to be modified at the bottom, and will be mesh. Drilled holes for the Mondial taillights, have also done for the headlights. The valance edge will be refined later. I was going to have the exhausts exit through holes similar to the Mondial, but it will be easier (I hope) to direct down from the mufflers into the tunnels, and then back. Now I need to leave it alone, so the cement will cure. I discovered the body is twisted, so need to consider how to straighten with strategic body mounts using screws. The fender flares will be fun. Interior should have simple door panels, and dashboard. Need to figure out the radiator in front, thinking laid almost flat, with channels exiting before the wheels. Then when all that is done, cut off the engine lid, and then will need to fabricate chassis box thingies and framework continued from the engine part. Two more radiators in back, modify the body ducts. Then exhaust pipes. Then seats, I got some cool aftermarket units at the DSC show. Color, Ferrari red with a pearl overcoat. Dann will hate that.
  23. Just finished this Revell kit, I enjoyed it very much. I admit I'm a masochist in that I enjoy decaling and this car has a lot of them! Curbside, low parts count, I see more of these on my bench in the near future. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  24. We've seen images of the old '50s and '60s era molds Revell had stored in their Illinois warehouse, some (many?) of which Atlantis Models acquired. They have begun to share publicly exactly what they acquired, starting with this mold for the Revell Douglas D558-2 Skyrocket: Let the automotive model related speculation and hopes begin.
  25. I didn't find any existing reviews of the 1/25 Revell Dodge Ram VTS Pickup concept truck, so here's a look at the contents of the 2012 "Trucks" reissue: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1583/revell-dodge-ram-vts-pickup I wish Revell would've included more accurate wheels and tires, too, but they got close: I've always liked this kit and felt it was a shame Revell chose not to release additional variants. A stock 4x4 would've been welcome, and/or an extended cab version, too, but maybe the glut of pickup kits on the market at the time (and from Revell alone) meant there was only so much budgeted for the Dodge. I think this kit is worth picking up if you like this bodystyle, as I think Revell captured the overall look very well. You're mostly on your own if you use this kit as a starting point, but there was a 4x4 conversion set available from Perry's Resin long ago, so keep your eyes peeled on eBay or at shows.
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