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Sad Sad Sad News: Our Harry Passed Away

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Just heard from Dave Pye. Our Harry Pristovnik has passed away.

We were all hoping for the best, but things got worse.

He will be missed, this is a very sad day for Model Cars Magazine, and the hobby.

He did so much for us, for me, for all of us

You will be missed my friend!


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May he rest in peace. 


Not going  to be the same around here without him though.

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A very sad morning for me and all the Model cars family. Harry is the second of my Model cars friends to leave me/us. Chuck Naylor was the first and I still think of him often. I am getting the same feelings as then as I never met the man yet I feel I knew him in some small way.

Harry's presence has been missed for quite a while in the way he posted and handled things. His wry sense of humor and matter of fact postings were a thing I looked forward to and always read completely and considered carefully. My 2 warning points were given to me by Harry and I wear them proudly as we argued back and forth as to their validity [Harry won of course]], but he was open to hear me out as to why I said what I did.

Harry's builds were always a revelation of skill and precise technique. I totally enjoyed every one of his works in progress and followed them to completion.

I'm not a religious man so I'll just be thankful there is peace for him and his family. As extended family I will weep for Harry and his struggle as I start to think about the world without his presence.

We are richer for knowing him, poorer for losing him.



Bob Frias

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