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British version of Thames Panel


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I was inspired by the many UK built Fordsons (as we call them) from the 70's.  Starting with the Revell gasser kit, much work was done to convert the drag racer to a street rod:

Front struts and steering rack from the Revell Pro Stock Camaro, with lower arms from a Buttera T.  The rack was cut into four pieces, adapted to right hand drive and narrowed (a lot!). The upper strut mount had to be moved, and the inner guards were extended back with plastic card.  Rear end was sourced from the Dodge A100 pickup, shortened and narrowed with parts box shocks.

The engine and 'box came from the Revell Ford Escort rally car, with a scratch built exhaust.

For a cleaner look, the door hinge systems were removed and the resulting 16 holes filled.  Strip styrene was used to enlarge the doors for a better fit.  Model Car Garage provided the photoetch grilles, and parts box clear headlight lenses replace the chrome plated kit items.  The front tyres came from the kit, wheels and rear tyres are parts box items. 

Paint is my usual Tamiya rattle can, this time Metallic Orange.  Back in the day, many hot rods in the UK had names, a Slixx decal sheet provided a suitable name for mine. A couple of details are still to be added but I'm pleased with the result so far.

Thanks for looking.



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Simply love this build!  I have had this same kit-conversion in my mind for many years, but I never started it because removing all of those awkward door hinges and re-doing the doors for a better fit were too big of stumbling-blocks for me!  I really like the integration of the Rally 4-banger and the paintwork looks outstanding as well!  Do you remember where you sourced that rear axle/suspension from?  

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18 minutes ago, Tom Geiger said:

Very nice build!  I've always wanted to take that kit back to a stock panel.

Tom,  I bought a glue bomb Thames with the same plan to take it back to stock.  I have gotten it disassembled but that is as far as I have gotten.

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Superb! Using so many other parts to build it was brilliant!

We had so many of these on the streets when I was growing up in the late '50's and early '60's. We called them the Ford Anglia van as the car (Anglia) was very similar. Thanks for sharing. 

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