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Revell 66 Impala SS 396


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Here she is. Painted with Tamiya Light Blue pearl and unpainted seats and door panels. Good fitting, well engineered kit.

Pros: Hood actually fits well.

Easy final assembly.

Thin, optically clear windshield and backlight.

Cons: Very little attachment surface for windshield.

Chrome rubbed off from handling.

Decal whitewalls.(why when they have done better in the past)

Two piece rear view mirrors.

No attachment points for entire rear of chassis, it just floats up and down inside the body. I made my own.

Track width appears too narrow in the rear.



IMG_0458 (2).JPG



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Looks fantastic, a really clean build.

The glass thing is annoying, I'm going to suffer that on one of my kits that's nearing completion. It's as if the people who engineered it had never acually built a kit, maybe someone was very proud of themselves for saving some plastic?

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6 hours ago, bisc63 said:

Looks good! Beautiful color. You gonna foil that chrome strip down the center of the hood?!

It's so thin that I am afraid of making a mess. Same with the narrow strips along the rocker panels. So thin that they are hardly noticeable anyway.

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Beautiful looking build, like it's siting on the showroom floor. You right about those mirrors.. They're a bear to even glue the face to the stem and that part is the wrong size anyway. 

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Sweet build. My dad had a light yellow one when I was a kid. I was 3 on the tree. The starter went out so he made us kids get out and push start it a number of times. He also showed me how to shaft gears without pushing in the clutch pedal.

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