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Olds 442 67 lindberg

happy grumpy

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 Mario…. The number of absolutely beautiful models you have built blows my mind. Makes me realize how slow I am! 
I love these Olds 442’s. This one has possibly the best foil work I’ve ever seen, and the paint is flawless. I would also like to know which colour that is please. Keep em coming.

Cheers, Steve

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Thank you all for your kind words.

Steve,I take no credit for the side chrome trim as they come as separate chrome parts, The windshield and window trim was done with Molotow chrome marker. The paint was a mix of metallic acrylics from Tamiya. I can't remember the exact ratio but there was silver mixed with copper and clear red. The top coat is TS 13 clear and some polishing. I had some years to build up a modest collection. I was a little shy of showing them since there is some seriously talented people in here. But you and others who commented gave me more confidence and encouraged me to strive to better myself. I really do appreciate the interest , This is a great place to share a common passion. I really do enjoy seeing your work I got a lot of inspiration from you guys. What I love about modeling is that you're only limited by your imagination. I see things here that I would never thought possible.

to all of you a very big thank you for your kind comments.

thanks again

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