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Issue 214

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6 hours ago, TarheelRick said:

USPS surprised me today with my issue 214.  Just noticed something odd on the shipping label: Expire Issue #69256269 ; what does that mean?

There's a minor glitch with the mailing labels. That's your account number, not your final issue. If you need to find out when your last issue, go the our subscriber login page to use your account number and name to log in. This will give you all the relevant information about your subscription. 

Given our current rate of publication, I think the sun will have gone nova and cooked us all well before we get to that issue. 🙂 

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18 hours ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

I’m still waiting by the mailbox for issue 212 and issue 213. Maybe I’m waiting for all three now.😀

Have you checked to see if your subscription is still active? Have you sent anyone at the magazine a message?

You definitely should have received 212 and 213 by now.

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