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1964 VW T1 Jet Dragster


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After I saw the original car for the first time a few years ago, it was immediately clear to me: I have to build it.
The T1 is simply a cuddly, likeable car with a wonderful feel-good design.
The original car is extremely clean and built with love.
According to the website, the car is registered in England and is, Attention: street legal!!! 
Of course, this only applies to driving with the normal engine in the rear.

The original car:






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My construction should not be a 1 to 1 replica. 
Originally I wanted a turquoise instead of the candy red, but ended up with light blue metallic. 
The rims and a few attachments also do not correspond to the model.

The biggest challenge was building the turbine. 
My turbine could be a bit thicker in diameter, but I had to use what came closest to the original.









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9 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Steffen!

Wow, world class different, and very well executed. Bravo! 

If I may: what exactly is the off-white paint? I find it very nice...


Hi Claude. Thanks for your comment. The White is called Atlas White, color code L91Z. 

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Steffen, I can only go by the old adage that "less is more"............I'm not suggesting that you've ignored or omitted anything.  It's more of the simplicity and execution of the build that makes it stand apart.  Every aspect, body fitment, assembly and paint among others along with your choices for color etc. are something to behold.  It's a wonderful model and I wish I could call her mine!   cheers, tim

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