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  1. Will buy or trade... thanks
  2. The model looks great and the 1:1 is absolutely beautiful.
  3. Awesome build... Gary's painting is absolutely nice he's painted a couple cars for me.
  4. Nice fabrication work, I'm really enjoying this build.
  5. Steve i think it's safe to say your a Pontiac guy. I will be following along as usual 👍
  6. Some great progress on a very cool build.
  7. This will be a cool build to watch.
  8. That's how i straighten anything warped, i usually get the water to about 150/175° and do quick dips until i get the part back into shape and then i stick the part in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
  9. 67 had round taillights, 68-69 had square taillights.
  10. It awesome to see junkyard cars brought back. I enjoy restoring junkyard cars more than building fresh kits.
  11. Nice build. I used to own a 94 lightning and i can tell you firsthand that truck COULD NOT pass up a gas station. I think my truck got somewhere around 10/12 mpg.
  12. Glad to see you back on this awesome build. This build is gonna help me tremendously with mine.
  13. Nice job, i notice something different each time i look at it.
  14. Wow that's absolutely beautiful. Steve you are a talented model builder with some serious skills.
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