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  1. Not on the road but my uncle bought this 70 malibu cloned as a super sport. It's been in the garage for probably 15 years so it needs some going over before its ready to drive.
  2. That's a very cool build.
  3. Nice call on the dash and rear shelf. I've been gathering parts the past few days so i can attempt building something similar.
  4. I recently got this in a trade. Im not sure when it was built but it was long ago. It's a screw bottom with the basic chassis. I decided it was best to clean it up and leave it as is.
  5. Both cars look great, very well done.
  6. The store in Chattanooga Tn. Has all those same kits.
  7. Ron probably has them and you are correct they come already plated.
  8. Got this almost finished i just have a few little things left to do. I started with a Ranchero and modified a chevy ll roof.
  9. Nice job the weathering is very convincing.
  10. Very cool.. This is the 1 awb series cars i don't have. I will be following.
  11. 74-77 are basically identical with the biggest difference being the 74 having the flat rear window while 75-77 has a wrap around rear glass. The front is pretty much the same.
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