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  1. Now this is cool...I like it.
  2. Wow.... not much else can be said. Amazing work as always Francis.
  3. Those are a beautiful pair of chevelles.
  4. Very nice... The 41 Plymouth is a great looking car..
  5. Your scratch building is very impressive.
  6. I think i see some gas leaking... Nice work Steve.
  7. Ok i happen to have a 63 fury and a Lindberg 64 dodge chassis. Here are some pictures of it in the chassis. Maybe the Plymouth chassis is shorter? Could it be possible by changing the front you gained length? Im not really sure but here are pictures of what i come up with.I built this car years ago and maybe the cut was to get the front back like i was saying it's been long ago so i can't be positive. I will be following your build .
  8. I had to cut in the rear floor area. Here is a pic you can see the cut line. This car was built a long while back when i first started attempting to cut things.
  9. Good question, i don't have a 64 Plymouth but i wouldn't think there's a difference but maybe someone else can answer that correctly. I remember just trimming the radiator support and my rear wheels were still off so i had to cut the chassis. On a side note i discovered the pro street 70 super bee chassis fits very well into the 63 fury...
  10. Interesting that they left the Pontiac engine in the kit. Very nice job on your build it looks great.
  11. It's all about having fun and building what makes you happy.
  12. Beautiful builds.. Nice Pontiac collection..
  13. Doesn't get much better than a awb car, very nice job on your build.
  14. This is my kinda project, I'm on board.
  15. Nice job, the engine detail looks great.
  16. You will also need to sand a little off the radiator support because the front wheels need to go forward some also.
  17. The rear floor pan is where you will need to cut it. I did this exact build several years ago when i first got back into the hobby.
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