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    You have some nice builds.
  2. I'd like to build the turquoise car, i love the car on the box.
  3. That turned out really nice.
  4. You may already know this but the amt rr bumpers will fit the johan car.
  5. Is this the kit body? I thought all the 62 impala kits were bubble tops.
  6. Email Ron @ Resin model ranch or try harts parts.
  7. Sam try sending an email to Ron at Resin model ranch he probably has them even though the website says out of stock and his stuff is already chrome when you receive it.
  8. Nice job on a very cool car
  9. This is definitely the best build of this car I've seen yet! Awesome job you really nailed it.
  10. Absolutely beautiful! This is the best build I've seen of this car. Very nice job!
  11. It was good trading with you and I'll gladly trade with you anytime.
  12. Wow that's some very impressive work.
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