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  1. Sweet....and fun to drive, I'm sure! Well done!!!!!
  2. Really, really nice! You should see what I did to mine. The '59 was the height of style and practicability. Well done!
  3. Well done. Way to stick with it and wrestling those fat fenders into submission. Excellent fit & finish and supurb, details and paint. Nice!
  4. Very well done...nice job! Great addition to your cool collection of good looking Hot Rods.
  5. Beautiful job. The wife of the deceased donor would be happy and proud! Well done!
  6. My apologies for butting into your conversation, Ken and Claude. But thought you'd get a kick out of this mid-engine VW bus funny car. Like what was said, "the endless possibilities" of dreaming up creative engineering solutions and building "just realistic enough" fantasy dragsters, race cars, and sportscars got me hooked on modeling early on and kept things interesting. I enjoy the challenge of diving into the parts bin and coming up with enough fodder to build my next somewhat plausible creation. This happened when I put a chopped and sectioned 29-window body, reshaped, and relocated the wheel openings on a truncated top fuel chassis. All the best
  7. Nicely done. Excellent detail, fit and finish!
  8. Thanks Rich. As you probably know, the Tamiya kit has a great decal sheet. All of the green sections are complete skins. But I decided the best way to accurately duplicate this complicated livery was to tape off sections and hit them with Tamiya TS-22 Light Green and TS-96 Florescent Orange. I am very happy with the results.
  9. Thanks Steve. Best wishes on your 767. The level of engineering and execution in most Tamkia kits make things considerably less intimidating for me. But there are always a few surprises like the occasional omission of a few parts, attach point vagary, paints not on the paint list, etc. There always seems to be something left to one's imagination a little more than it should. Funny story...when I first decided to try and re-create the car I saw run in 1991, for some goofy reason, I could not find a Tamiya 787 kits. Blame that on operator error on my part, I have since found many. But originally, I thought I'd have to go with the Hagesawa, extensively modify the body and source aftermarket decals. So I ordered the 767 kit and no. 55 decals from studio 27. Then after they were well on their way I found the Tamiya kit. So...before attempting the 787 I built this Hagesawa 767. But not wanting two cars with nearly identical liveries, I decided to change things up a bit.
  10. A real beauty and historic. Nicely done!!!
  11. I'm inspired and just might build one of these babies someday.
  12. Thanks Claude. Mazda says inspiration for the bright (almost shocking) livery came from the Charge line of sportswear offered by primary sponsor Renown. After my initial post I realized I had inadvertently mixed up a couple photos with others taken in several batches during construction. I rerplaced those last night, not that anyone would notice, but I slept better!
  13. Outstanding! Well done and done well....
  14. Very nice clean builds and excellent execution on all three. Well done!
  15. One of my favorite body styles....andf luv the big motor! Nice job!!
  16. Why not? Out rageious! Well done!!!
  17. Nice execution featuring difficult hand painted graphics, the cool custom paint scheme, and highly detailed engine and chassis. You never cease to amaze and never dissapoint! Well done Claude.
  18. Nice rendition of one of the more unique and entertaining drag classics of the mid-60s. Well done!
  19. Outstanding...enjoyed the WIP journey. I don't have room to display 1/12s....but wish I did so I could try my hand at this baby!
  20. Cool choices on body color and tire decals. Agree it needs to share garage space with an EVO! Very well done!!!!
  21. Nice job on a problem child kit. Looks great!
  22. Way to wrestle this one to the ground. Very nice execution on a very cool classic Le Mans winner!!!!
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