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  1. If it weren't for the performance exhaust sneaking out under the back, the bold SRT blazing across it's flanks, and the brash color, I'd say you created the ultimate sleeper. After seeing this baby I'd be afraid REM would toss me out of bed onto my head! Another winning creative concept in supurb executiont!!!
  2. Thank you Claude. I would be curious if the eight skylight widows would have to be removed to keep the twin blowers from sucking the air out and turning the body into an empty sausage casing....hummmm?
  3. Very cool! Exceptional creativity and execution. A fitting tribute to the genius of Ken Block. You gotta paint him.
  4. Sweet! A real beauty and great execution....well done!
  5. Really love all 38 Fords. Here's what I did with a left over 38 van body, a funny car chassis, and a blown HEMI.
  6. Very cool! I really enjoy and appreciate extreme custom coachwork and kitbash projects. Nicely done!!!!
  7. Hi Harry....is the spare tire visible thru the hood louvers.....?
  8. Bummer on the whitewalls! Excellent tidy build and nice color choice. Love the shifter eyeball!
  9. Really sharp! Beautiful fit and finish, paint and pics. Well done!
  10. Nicely done! What did you use for the air cleaner cover material...?
  11. Nice...well done all the way around!
  12. Wow....fantastic! The realism is....unreal! Nice job on the weathering, build, and set!!!!
  13. Fantastic...pics are super and fit and finish are spot on. Well done! What and what color is the paint?
  14. Perfect for cruising the beach cities. San Clemente, here we come! Well done!!!!
  15. A fitting car for Marilyn Munster to go with Herman's Koach and Uncle Festor's Dragula. Very well done!
  16. Really nice, and I'd love to see the look on the faces of onlookers when you stomp on the loud peddle! Well done!!!!!
  17. Cool! I'd be cruising around all weekend if that baby was sitting in my garage. Well done!
  18. Well done! Nice finish and the attention to detail, like the magazines on the front seat, make me Tippsy! Nice job!!!!
  19. Nicely done, and a wonderful gift for your family!
  20. Lobo2me

    AMT Model T

    Very nice...well done! I'm looking for those Keystone cops chasing Laurel & Hardy in that baby.
  21. Sweet....and fun to drive, I'm sure! Well done!!!!!
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