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  1. Hi Martin. Have to tell you that I wasn't overly excited to see another Herbie model...but Baja Herb ie is fantastic. One of the coolest, cleanest and most creative builds I have ever seen. Well done!
  2. Well...it doesn't, but Dave and Scott were kibitzing about El Kabong....abvove. Peace
  3. Hi Rich; Sorry for the slow response on this one...couldn't find what paint had I used on the #5....it was Testors Extreme Lacquer, Pure Gold (rattle can) over a black base. But can't recall if it was two or three coats. You are right, the proper shade is not easy to achieve....this was the closes. Getting the proper stance on the two Meng's wasn't easy, the Fujumi kit wasn't bad. I lowered the fronts and the rears on the two Mengs by inverting the front wishbones and tweaking the rears which I discovered with the first kit (car #2). The stance bugged me so much I went back in and did the surgery. I built the #1 car with the front wishbones upside down and moved the rears up slightly (so the car would sit lower) from the start. All the best, Steve
  4. Thank you for the detailed response. I'll experiment with the three methods you've mentioned. Best regards, Steve
  5. Beautiful job Rich! How did you do the door seals? Wow...steady hands!
  6. Hi Bart; Excellent recreation and surpurb attention to detail. Well done!!! Did you use orange flock or embossing powder on the interior floor and how was it applied? I like that! Steve
  7. Each and everyone very well done. Realloy like the photo staging. Great work!
  8. Hey Claude; Thank you. Rounding up parts and pieces now. Please stay tuned. Steve
  9. As usual, you've created another work of art. A Coddington / OZE inspired rod will be my next victim. Now where to start....? Thanks for sharing, excellent work!
  10. This baby looks like it was rode hard and put away wet! I love it!! Well done!!!!
  11. Hi...this isn't a competition so don't sell yourself short. It was just a fun wild and wacky build. Now I'm really lost on what to do next. Have to sort back through the parts graveyard and see if anything pops out!
  12. Very cool! I can just see you guys crusing Lake Ponchtrain in this baby. Very well done!!!!
  13. Really nice!!! '41 Willys have always been one of my favs!!!!
  14. Really nice! Good job!!!!
  15. Is this a 1:1 car...? No, wait, you turned it over....and it still looks perfect. Well done!
  16. Nice varietyt and all very well done!
  17. Lobo2me

    V-8 Corvair

    Sweet! Better than most 1:1 conversions and one of the very best Corvair models I've ever seen. Good job!
  18. Thanks Claude. The whole story was posted on Model Cars as well. All the best for 2023
  19. You nailed it! One of the first truly hypercars. Nice job!!!
  20. This is it! Not the prettiest, but definitely the most fun.
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