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  1. Great job! My favorite kind of build and subject matter. Really like the paint scheme and detail.
  2. Love the early Funnies. Well done!
  3. Great job on the rust and patina! A very faithful rendition. You should be proud!
  4. Nice! You did a great job of capturing the "Big Bang / Little Bucks" theme of days gone by.
  5. A very cool a bit of a sleeper from the front...then, look out! Nice job!!!!
  6. Well done. Reminds me of growing up in the mid-West and my favorite place. A dbl Steakburger under the hood and a Vanilla Malt paint job. Has to be a MALT!
  7. Cool! Well done. I'm inspired to build this icon.
  8. Another outstanding example from The House of Claude of my favorite era and class in drag racing. Love the paint and decal work. Bravo!
  9. Built this Revell Ford GT40 as a tribute to drivers Sebastien Bourdias, Joey Hand and Dirk Muller’s historic class win at Le Mans fifty years after Ford’s infamous 1, 2, 3 victory over Ferrari in 1966. I added a few goodies (PE grills/screens, antennae, racing harness and ignition wires) to the otherwise box stock build. Enjoy
  10. Sweet. Nice tweaks! Good job
  11. Nice job! And very cool collection of quarter milers!
  12. Very nice! The more parts from as many kits as possible, all the better...in my book.
  13. A fitting tribute...of your special ride. Well done!
  14. Very cool! I enjoyed this thread and feel I am in good company whenever I make a few small technical mistakes or let reality got in the way of mass creativity. Nice jobs!
  15. Let's go to the strip and watch these guys battle it out with all of the cool cars above....
  16. Very cool! My favorite Funny Car era too! Compared to today's "one size fits all" (which are still my fav class of dragsters), cars from this period had a unique, experimental, trail & error nature about them that still makes them fun to imagine, engineer and build. Another great job Claude!
  17. Very cool Hot Rod! Really clean! Love the paint job, decals, and light the blue tinted windows and headlights. Well done!!!!
  18. Claude...you kill me! This is nuts!!! Very cool, up to date, and very well done. Drifting while hanging on to that steering wheel reminds me of driving the porcelain bus when I was learning to drink!
  19. Nice job...in one of my favorite colors!
  20. Sweet! Nice paint job and a creative wild ride!
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