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  1. Hi...thanks for the compliments! Hi...thanks for the compliments! This was a fun one. I shot the body with three coats of Tamiya Bare Metal (TS-12), made most of the decals with my fuzzy inkjet printer, then used a small hand punch to simulate over 1,000 rivets, wiped Tamiya Black Panel Line over everything and gave it three coats of Tamiya Clear (TS-13). I am really happy how it turned out. One of my favorites too!!!
  2. Thanks! I was blown away after seeing the real car (Thunderbelle) and just had to create my version. This is one of my favorites too!!!!
  3. Haaa...just told Tom K. that he should race you for pinks in his 65 Nova Gasser. Go gettem!
  4. I do like it! Great job, particularly on the patina! Let me know when/where you are going to race Zippi's recent Chevy II for pinks...?
  5. Nice job Zippi Looks ready for pink slips!
  6. Thank you Scott. I tried my darnedest to recreate my exact 1:1. The doors were challenging mainly because once opened body rigidity flew right out the window. Plus the body was pretty warped to start with. Yes, the rear wheel openings are odd...big gap at the front, exposed tires at the rear. When did you build your kit...?
  7. Well, they both had their challenges but the 1:1 exercise was by far a much longer journey. Funds from this high school junior were a bit limited and scrounging for parts took a long time. Regarding the rear of the body, yes the rear fenders did swoop over the tires quite a bit. I think the IMC kits are pretty accurate. The pic below still wearing the orange gel shows how much the body narrowed over the rear wheels. Although, the wheels in the pic were borrowed from my 1965 VWBus just for a size test. I opted for wider wheels and tires on the Avenger. The body did wrap around quite a bit over the rear tires leaving a pretty large gap in front of the tires as well. Both were fun projects!
  8. That's hilarious! I do believe a hopped up Corvair motor could get the 1,400 lbs kit car moving pretty quickly. The little 1,500 cc in mine was quick considering, but the most fun was the center of gravity below the wheel bearings. It handled like a go cart!
  9. I had to do this...built the 1:1 in 1971, the 1:25 in 2017. I had no idea IMC or anyone else made Avenger kits in the 60s. It took me almost 50 years to find out. But why? Why would any model manufacturer produce such a quirky, low volume, wannabe sports car?
  10. Nice job! I've always been a huge Cobra fan and you did a great job on the transporter and models.
  11. Grabbed images off the internet and ran a sheet thru the inkjet with Coor's logos, magazine covers, 8-track labels and the Endless Summer poster. Bought my first "new" surfboard from RonJon in Cocoa Beach in 1968 when they operated out of an old 7-11 store. A fraction of what it is now!
  12. Cowabunga dude...great job! Really like all the detail and accessories. Thought you might get a kick out of my surf mobile. Recreated my 1965 VW Bus and my two boards I had back in the day. Surfs up...gotta go!
  13. Yep...it's always sumtin ain't it? But, we can only do what we can do. Looking forward to your next show stopper!
  14. A master class in rust and weathering techniques, plus the most realistic junk pile I've ever seen in scale! Great job!!!!
  15. There are some really amazing drag cars and fantastic model in this post. Great job and I applaud every single one. Here are a few of my personal favorite Gassers.
  16. Great job! My favorite kind of build and subject matter. Really like the paint scheme and detail.
  17. Love the early Funnies. Well done!
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