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  1. Lots of memories and proud moments I'm sure. Well done, great looking model!
  2. Very cool. When style was in style! Well done!!!!
  3. I posted this one a few months ago, but was never happy with the choice of wheels. I wanted to keep the original AMT 1:25 scale Dodge Viper RT/10 donor kit rubber, but never cared for the factory Detroit Wheel & Tire wheels. I monkeyed around with some ENKEI92 wheels leftover from a Scirrocco, shaved them down, press fit them into chrome trim rings, and added knock-off spinners. They looked OK, but not the best for this crazy drifter. Plus, I really can't stand fake knock-offs on 1:1 kit cars. So, I took another dive into the parts bin and came up a set of wheels from Lindbergh's '38 Ford Custom Van. But the low profile rubber was way too small in diameter. I finally got around to hogging the originals out, and shaved the flange off the back side of the wheels so they'd sit properly in the meaty Michelin's. I think it looks much better now. Thanks for looking
  4. Thanks for the excellent shots of this epic build. Amazing! Can't wait for your next update.
  5. Very cool! Nice job!!! Really like the overall look and nice job on the weathering.
  6. Always one of my favorite cars. Well done and I really like the paint job!
  7. What a beast! Miles of plug wires and all 96 exhaust pipes. Where did you source the motors? Great job!
  8. Nice decal work and great color choice. Excellent job! Now you have me itching to do another Tamiya model.
  9. Santo sgombro! This has got to be the most creative and beautiful repurpose of a junk bin find…ever. A battleship with left over doodads from a dragster kit and parts from a T-Bird, Challenger, Jag, with Ferrari power. Your vision and imagination is inspirational! Sensazionale!
  10. What would a highly customized 1938 Custom Ford Delivery Funny Car look like? This project was one of those what-ifs that turned into a reasonably complicated, challenging build, hence the name. I try to include just enough realism to be plausible. In the end, I am happy with the results, which is the point of all this craziness. Enjoy, and thanks for looking. Donor Kits Lindberg 1:24 Scale 1938 Custom Ford Van - body o Body Mods Top chopped addl. 3” chop on already chopped 4” kit Body lengthened approx. 1.25 scale ft, smoothed and sectioned 6” Wheel openings reshaped Side vent cut-outs Hood blower lip Tinted windows - smoke Front Splitter & Rear Wing – styrene sheet Escape Hatch Revell 1:24 Scale McDonald’s Olds Funny Car - chassis Chassis Mods Posable Front Suspension – scratch built Fire Bottles, Black Box and Fuel Tank repositioned Engine Mods Plug Wires & Injector Plumbing Blower Pulleys & Belt – Pro Tech Add-Ons 5 Point Racing Harness Twin Parachutes – scratch built Paint Tamiya Titanium Silver TS-88 (body) Tamiya Light Gun Metal TS-46 (chassis) Tamiya Gun Metal TS-38 (engine block) Tamiya Black TS-14 (wheels) Tamiya Matt Black TS-6 (body underside) Tamiya Clear TS-13 Rust-Oleum Bright Coat Chrome (rear wing, tinwork, headers, fuel tank) Testors Gloss Red, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Med Silver, Zinc Chromate Molotow Chrome pen Decals – custom inkjet, model kit & carbon fiber
  11. Fantastic! I only built one 1/8th model in my life and that was Monogram's E-Type in the mid-60s. Sadly, now I don't have the workspace, display area, or the brain power to take on a challenge like this. But I am really enjoying following your amazing work. Thanks!
  12. Hi José. Hopefully we will learn something. Someone always seams to have a secret up their sleve. Thanks José
  13. Hi José....did you ever get an answer to your question about how best to dissolve / remove old plastic cement, or did I miss something...? What did you end up using and what worked the best...? Keep going, looking good!!!
  14. Probably seems like a silly question (ok, I know there is no such thing), but what is best and easiest way to reply to comments for the person who made the comment to know a reply was made...? Is it best to Reply To This Topic or hit the Quote button...or is that for another purpose? Thanks
  15. Thanks Peter. Getter done! I think you will enjoy it. This was only the second Tamiya kit I had ever attempted and by far my most sophisticated build to date. It was a fun one!
  16. As soon as I hit the lotto this will be my daily driver. Metallic orange (TS-92) over black (TS-14) base. Added more comfy seats and a monster stereo. The racing slicks would be problematic, but I’ll take my chances.
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