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  1. The stated speed goal should be very doable! This baby looks like 200 MPH standing still! Well done....
  2. Thanks Tim. Purchased seat belts thru ETSY for about $12. See image below. They came all the way from France in about two weeks. They were a little easier to work with than other PE sets I've tried. I like them. I primed and painted the green vinyl stock Tamiya Brilliant Orange (TS-56) to match the brakes and front spoilers. Steve
  3. Looking for a change of pace from my usual dragster model projects I decided to build a Supercar. Tamiya’s McLaren Senna is incredible. The kit is by far the best engineered, most accurately molded, and complete build I’ve ever attempted. I wish the engine cover and doors opened, but the assembly is far too delicate for me to attempt surgery. But I couldn't resist adding a few aero tweaks and personalize placement of a few decals. Thanks for looking….
  4. Nice save! Very cool alterations and additions!!!!
  5. Very cool Claude. Love the "slammed" look and the freehand paint scheme feature! In 1970 I bought a beater '65 VW Bus from a neighbor's dad. With paneling left over from my parent's basement upgrade, and help from my dad, we put a bed and drawers in back. My mom made curtains and I put blue "bottle" pattern plex in the side windows for a little privacy. Then added bigger wheels/tires on the rears, a $59.95 Earl Scheib special electric blue paint job, and sprayed black automotive paint through lace pattern material around the raised belt-line all the way around and around the VW emblem on the front. We had been living in Florida, until my dad got transferred back to St. Louis. Since you can't surf in the Mississippi I had to get back to the beach for High School summer breaks. I tried to replicate all little details of what it looked like inside after living in it for about three weeks a couple of summers. The surfboards are exact copies of my two favorites that I had at the time. Surf's up...gotta go! Stay warm...spring is just around thew corner
  6. Looks like it just rolled off the trailer...beautiful! Nice photography too!!!!
  7. Excellent....well done on both cars. I can hear Enzo cursing Ken Mills in the distance!
  8. Nice job. A worthy stablemate in an excellent collection!
  9. Very cool! Nice detail and creative VW thinkery, with drink holders. Well done!!
  10. Spectacular! Great job on the new roof and adding tons of creative detail!!!
  11. Beautiful! Great job!! Put the top up and go for a spin (not on the ice)!!!!
  12. That sure is a lot of US steel...when cool was very cool! Nice job!
  13. Nice! Where is The Reverend Jim "Iggy" Ignatowski?
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