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  1. Thanks for the ProMod history. Very interesting.
  2. Really nice, exceptionally clean build...and nice van. Well done!!!!
  3. Did you buff out the windshield...if so, what did you use and the process...? Really looks smooth and clear. Nice!
  4. Wish model companies offered kits of new dragsters of all kinds. I'd build a dozen or more top fuelers, funnies, pro stock and pro mods.
  5. Think so. Lots more classes for door slammers.
  6. Not a huge leap from your excellent "Building the Covers" Pro Stock examples. Pro Mods are cool, but I still miss classic Altereds.
  7. Nice job! Really enjoy Pro Stock ground pounders.
  8. Great job on breathing new life into a classic from the glory days of drasg racing. Well done!
  9. Great to see the fruits of labor and love for the passion! I too really enjoy finding, duplicating, and trying to figure out how to reverse engineer one-of-a-kind classics in 1:25 scale. Well done!!!!
  10. Very clean machine! Niced job on mods, particularly qtr windows, and good pics too. Well done!
  11. Sweet! Great paint and super details. Like the carbon hood, racing harness and engine plumbing. Well done!!!!
  12. While shopping online for scale model parts and accessories, I recently stumbled across a very cool 1:24 scale 3-D printed Pro Mod body. I had never built one of those or worked with a resin body before. I’ve always loved anything Willys and was inspired by the flowing lines and wide, low-slung stance of the ’41. I ordered the body but now had to figure out how to build it and develop a paint scheme. Turning to the internet again, I came across the Batman Tribute Pro Mod created by Coast Chassis Design and downloaded dozens of images showing Pro Mod frames, engines, and suspensions. That’s it! I was now ready to attempt to build my version. During the weeks it took for the body to arrive, I found a suitable resin 572 Supercharged Chevy motor, fat slicks and Zoomie headers. They arrived in less than a week, so I built the engine first. When the body showed up, I was impressed by the shape and its relatively smooth surfaces but also quickly discovered the warnings about the material's brittleness were accurate. I snapped a window frame repeatedly, trying to cut open the doors. Finally, success! And I made the front-end bodywork detachable. Next, I scratch-built the chassis, front and rear suspensions, roll cage, interior, and the items below, from styrene rod, tube, sheet, diamond plate, wire, and a few PE bits. To hold things together, I used two types of epoxies, two types of styrene cement, and three types of cyanoacrylate glues. While phases of the project were curing, I smoothed out the body and applied a slightly simplified version of a Tribute to Batman paint scheme using Tamiya rattle can spray paints and bottles of Testors, other finishes, and made custom inkjet decals. Scratch-Built Items, Mods & Finishes: · Rear Suspension w/Coil Overs · Posable Front Suspension w/ Coil Overs · Engine Plumbing (plug wires, injectors, oil lines, etc.) · Fuel Cell · Oil Tank · B&M Shifter · Digital Dash · 5 Point Racing Harness · Fire Extinguisher · Oxygen Bottle · Wheelie Bars · Dual Parachutes · Smoked Lexan Windshield and Side Windows Tamiya Spray Paints o Candy Lime Green o Silver Leaf o Metallic Blue o Titanium Gold o Titanium Silver o Black (gloss) o Semi-gloss Black o Gun Metal o Light Gun Metal Testors Paint o Flat Black o Gloss Black o Gloss Red o Gloss Yellow o Metallic Silver Misc. Paints & Finishes o Motlow Chrome Pen o Rust-Oleum Chrome Finish o Testors Dull Coat o Testors High Gloss Clear Thanks for looking and comments, please.
  13. Clean machine...and build and really like the sand show. Well done!
  14. Very nice! Excellent detail, paint and decal work. Exceptionally well done!
  15. Exceptional! Very clean highly detailed build. well done!!!!!
  16. Nice save! Looks cool. Well done!!
  17. Very nice! Grerat job on the interior and a cool color choice.
  18. Now that is classy! What kit?
  19. Nicely done! Looks like it was and would be fun!!!!!
  20. Well done. Nice color. Clean build.
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