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So, you may or not know that there is a community build for Cannonball Run, it has to be an in-line engine, but no other requirements were stated. I figured the biggest thing about this race is not speed alone, but not stopping. So, I went with a Septic truck, because what cop would want to stop a stinky smelly septic truck. This is why some of the "Product" is spilled on the sides. In reality the tank would hold lots of fuel and there would be 2 drivers that trade off and drive non-stop.

So, I built this. It is the White/Freightliner SD kit. I built the main kit as is with just some mods to the engine. Because this is a race after all, I added a turbo and custom intake plumbing. I then got rid of the exhaust stacks in favor of a scratch built under frame muffler. Some scratch built wire mirrors and the truck is done.

The tank was a bit of work. It started life as PVC plumbing caps and coupler.  Once glued together I added some ribs and a top cap. The back has a drain port and valve to remove all the "product" that it carries. The ladder up the side help you inspect the "load" and warning signs keep the Fuzz from looking too close.

I lightly weathered the whole thing to give it the cared for but used look.

While this is not modeled after any specific septic truck, it is a hybrid of the many trucks I researched in building it.

Hope you like it.













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32 minutes ago, 89AKurt said:

Very well done!  Love the concept of a disguised giant fuel tank.  Did you include empty milk jugs in the cab?  The door decal, is that from the Chevy Blazer kit?

The door decal is from the C600, but it is the same decal as is found in several kits like the Blazer, the El Camino, other construction kits. I should have included milk jugs, but they still will have to stop for food. Fuel just takes so long when you have that big of tank.

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I love the compact proportions, colors, and detailing on this model. The scratchbuilt tank is convincing and well-appointed; I wouldn't have guessed that it started with plumbing components! Way cool :D

Never thought I'd be so excited about a septic truck, but it's nice to be surprised.

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I love everything about this build. Even the Universal Construction decals fit perfectly. I've been thinking for a while now that Universal must be a shady operation, they have their hands in everything. As a truck fan, this build is #1 for me and would have my vote. From concept to build quality, I love it!

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