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Project Absurd FINISHED, 3.5L Mid engine Austin Mini


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Here is the build thread:

Two rednecks looking out at the back yard full of neglected cars collected from years of doing stupid things. Bubba says to Jim Bob while drinking his beer, "Hey Jim Bob, I betcha we could stuff the V6 from that smashed Plymouth Prowler in the back of the Mini with the blown engine". And so began the project of taking a rather rough and slightly rust ex-race mini and re-powering it with a way too big 253HP Plymouth Prowler V6, mounted mid-ship.

Because the Prowler engine was in the front and the trans was in the rear, I had to remove the adapter housings and mount the engine to the transaxle., thus making it just like a Chrysler LHS sedan engine.

The Mini, being an Ex-Race car had seen better days, so I gave the body a bit of rust and weathering. Because it has sat in Bubba's yard for a few years, the poor car is showing some neglect, but overall not too bad of shape.

Racing harness? Roll Bar? Nope, they have BEER. Who needs that safety stuff. Just gets in the way of the fun.

The last pictures show it next to my Scania 143 that is also 1:24 scale to show just how small this thing is and how absurd putting a 3.5L V6 in it really is.
















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