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Cat Diesel Land Speed Record Fantasy Car


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This is a land speed record car that "could have been but never was", based on components available in 1973.  Power is two Cat 3406 6 cylinder diesels, conservatively rated at 550hp each but capable of much more.  Target speed is 300mph, which I think would have been possible, IF you could find a driver crazy enough to climb in.  Here's the specs:

Displacement:  1786ci  (29.2L)  
HP: 1100 @ 1800 rpm
Torque:  3700 ft lb @ 1200 rpm
Weight:  ~20,000lb
Cd:  .40
Frontal area: 8 sq ft

This was one of those projects that got totally out of hand, as you can see from the build thread here.  I had recently finished another fantasy LSR car (Quicksilver), and this one was forming in my demented mind even then.  The main components started life as an AMT Ecto1A and a Revell Kenworth W900, with an extra engine from ebay and lots of mods and bits from the junk box.  Paint is Createx, Wicked Golden Yellow/Wicked Orange with 5604 Gloss Top Coat.  "Caterpillar" lettering is dry transfer, "C" decals are photo printed.

Call me crazy, but I find it very entertaining to imagine I'm behind the wheel of this monster with seven tons worth of diesels rumbling behind me.  I may do more detailing on it someday, but I'm done with this one for now - except for the fantasies!



















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Wrong engine series
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3 minutes ago, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Very creative build! Your body creation looks awesome. I like the color! Top notch work!!

Not to take away from your excellent build, those are 3406 or 3406A engines, the 3406E looks quite a bit different and wasn't available until 1993.


You are absolutely correct!  1973 was the first year for the 3406, first post corrected.  Thank you!

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Many thanks to all for the kind words!  This was a fun build that took WAY too long.  I'll think twice before narrowing and modifying a body so drastically again, I think it's time to start my Tamiya Jaguar Mk II.  

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