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Only 2 for 2020

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This has been pretty standard for me over the past couple of years.

The low "finished" count is due solely to the higher level of detail I've begun putting into these builds.

But I've been having a lot of fun rebuilding interiors and swapping chassis and engines, so it's worth not getting as much accomplished.





















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Both are spectacular!  

But the Cutlass scored big time twice in the dscV16 - DESERT SCALE CLASSIC VIRTUAL CHAMPIONSHIP

Best Factory Stock AND Best Interior Master Award! 


Congratulations, Steve!!!   May 2021 also be a big year for you.



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I have enjoyed watching the great lengths you have gone to with these two builds. Way beyond my patience level. Depending on the background setting it can be hard to tell if they aren't a real car or not.    

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Every year at this time I get to look back at the, usually, pair of superb showroom stock models that are your trademark. It's everything that's right about this style of building and it gives me the opportunity to comment on how much I enjoy them. Regardless of what style we build in, this level of care and detail in execution should be an inspiration to us all. The the best for a healthy, happy and productive 2021.

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Hi Steve, safe to say you inspire us all. Absolutely beautiful and incredibly well detailed, realistic builds. By the way, thanks for the info on the embossing powder. I had used black for carpet  before and had no idea all the colours it came in until reading one of your posts. Your interiors are quite simply, amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheers, Steve 

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