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AMT 1955 Chevy Bel Air Restomod Creamsicle. (Pic heavy)


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      I finished the AMT 1955 Chevy Bel Air over the weekend. Although I am pretty happy with how it turned out, I feel like I coulda/shoulda been more patient and took more time with it to really knock it out of the park. I took some shortcuts with the engine swap and exhaust, front suspension mods, and rear suspension mods. It ended up with a little more rake to it than I'd like, and I also missed some details like disc brake rotors.

      Anyways, the color is Metallic White with a custom mix of craft paints for the Light Orange. I cleared it with Decoart Duraclear Gloss Varnish, wet-sanded and polished with Novus #2. The interior is a custom mix of craft paints for both tones, and I even made an attempt at a 5-ball shifter.

      Most of the engine is from the AMT Baldwin-Motion Camaro kit, with some parts box pieces to top it off. The wheels are Pegasus Chrome T's 19" and 23", the hood from Lex's Scale Modeling, and the coil from MAD Modeling. The trim is a combination of Green Stuff World Chrome airbrushed around the windows, and I used BMF for the side trim. All-in-all a fun project that I hope I learned some lessons from. I thought the second set of pics looked pretty cool with the way the sun came in through the window.

      Thanks for looking!!






















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22 hours ago, cobraman said:

That is a great looking 55 !


20 hours ago, rightrudder said:

Love it! I really like the last few photos with low light and shadows. Killer diorama.


20 hours ago, gseeds said:

Awesome build! 


10 hours ago, FLHCAHZ said:

Very nice!  Looks KIller


10 hours ago, David G. said:

It's a good clean build with some nice detail work.

David G.


7 hours ago, bluestringer said:

Looks great. Nice work. 


4 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

Great looking chevy, the colors are awesome. It really brings it to life. 


4 hours ago, Steve H said:

Verrrrrrrrry nice Craig. Really like the colours you chose, they suit the car perfectly. Very crisp, clean build, nicely detailed,love it.

Cheers, Steve


2 hours ago, espo said:

Great looking paint colors and finish. I like the stance. 


1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

Very cool Craig👌

Thanks guys! The wife chose the color scheme, and helped me mix the Orange!


7 hours ago, Supernurd said:

Gorgeous car.   Are those sealed beams turned 90 degrees? 

Thanks! You know, I'm not sure if they're on right or sideways, they looked right either way, lol. I just tried not to put them on crooked or diagonally, lol.

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