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Monogram ‘30 Packard Phaeton


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After visiting the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar, CA a few weeks ago, I got inspired to build one of these old 1/24 Monogram classic car kits from the ‘70’s. Despite lacking the crisp detail of more recent kits, I must say this one went together really nicely, looks relatively realistic proportion-wise and was fun to add a few details to the engine. The chromed wire wheels that came with most of these kits scream “toy” to my eyes so I think painting them (to look like many of the actual 1:1 restored cars) really helps. Anyways, a nice break from building drag cars and so much fun to paint and assemble, I’ve picked up a few more from this series to do in the near future. Cheers, John












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Thank you guys for all the nice comments! 

11 hours ago, Dan Hay said:

I’ve got a Jo-Han 31 Cad that this build makes me want to build.

I’ve been shopping online for more of these Monogram classic kits and thinking about picking up the Jo-Han Caddies as well. I’ve read that these classic car kits never sold well compared to other car kits so I’m surprised that they are so plentifully after 50 -60 years and most are still available in the $25 - $40 range. Another reason to buy and build more of this genre!

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