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  1. That is a neat body and should look great when done. I have talked with Robert about his kits and he is trying to get people to do his interiors but as he pointed out, that drives up the cost. His work is outstanding, I have two Dodge pickups and two IH Scouts from him, they are incredibly accurate and well detailed.
  2. Fireball has a nice long bed step side kit, IIRC it has the higher bed sides like that. Of course that Moebius kit is the ONLY one of those Ford trucks I don't have.
  3. Isn't that the same bed from 56-79? Or was it just the fenders?
  4. Tom Geiger Members 18k Location:Exton, PA Full Name:Tom Geiger Posted 13 minutes ago So sorry to hear of Chuck's passing. He was a good guy! If you got Mark's Museum newsletter, Phil Gladstone recently passed away! Another good guy!
  5. I happen to like cookies, but my doctor has advised against me consuming them.
  6. Not to my knowledge. I'll try to get to the parts stash tomorrow, I am sure I have a couple of sets that won't be used.
  7. I'm guessing your house is rather large to accommodate that size of a collection? I would hope it has some organization to it, could not begin to imagine having all of that and it not be sorted out to be able to find something.
  8. Right from his website: UPDATE JANUARY 12, 2022 I was involved in a car crash on New Year's Eve where a lady crossed the center line and smacked me almost head-on. Aside from suffering cuts, bruises, a fractured sternum, and what my doctor says is a mild concussion, I came out of it okay. I had originally intended to start taking new orders on January 15, but that plan has changed for the short term while I continue to recuperate. I know some of you are patiently waiting on orders placed in 2021, and I will be rushing those orders out as soon as possible. I really appreciate your patience, and don't hesitate to email me with any questions you might have. If you haven't contacted him already, I suggest you do. Joseph has earned a reputation as an honest businessman who delivers outstanding products. The fact that he was in a serious car crash and despite that is working to get orders out speaks volume about his work ethic.
  9. The Modelhaus used to offer them. Have not seen them elsewhere, Let me check, I might have an extra set or two.
  10. Outstanding details, so glad people share their abilities as it inspires some of us to improve on skills that we can all use to make better models. Not sure why this was moved back and forth but glad it's where it was originally so I can follow the amazing build.
  11. So glad to see an update and to be able to follow this build, was worried it was deleted. The level of detail and skills shown in this thread are outstanding, glad to see it back where it was. The scratchbuilt, resin cast, machined stuff in this build is mindblowing.
  12. Harts Parts Resin has that GMC bumper if you can't find one
  13. There was a long thread here by Scale Master on a Lola T-70 he was building as a street car, what happened to it? It had so many cool hand crafted items it was amazing to watch what he created by hand that looked like real parts! Anyone know if it's still on here?
  14. The Revell/Monogram 67 convertible kit has the big block hood. Red car on the box. Don't recall seeing it in resin.
  15. I owned 3 1:1 S-10's , all square dimes- 82 base, no options; 88 4x4 fully loaded; 91 2wd tahoe trim. All were fun trucks and lots of memories. Nice work on those.
  16. There was a caster who offered them at one point, can't remember who. I checked my stash and found one for a 77 but no clue who did it, maybe it was Bandit Resins. Checked their website and no listing. There's a swap meet coming up in another week or two here in NC, I will be on the lookout.
  17. Best place to buy them is from the manufacturer! https://pegasushobbies.net/catalog/Models-Peg.-Model-Car-Acc.-Rims-&-Tires/c107_3_25/index.html
  18. Have you checked with The Model Empire in West Allis? They have a ton of detail parts and wheels, it's worth a call or trip.
  19. I have over a dozen of the Deserter kits waiting to be used as donors for various builds. I have a 60 Chevy, a 66 Chevy, a 72 Chevy with a resin short bed fleetside and a 72 Chevy Step Side short bed all going on the 4x4 chassis! I also have to lengthen a couple of the chassis for other projects including a resin long bed 80's Chevy that will get an Iceman grille. For 2wd versions, the 66 Chevy kit is most accurate and better detailed chassis.
  20. I just checked the website, Joseph is NOT up and running, he is working on old orders first. He will advise when he is open for accepting orders.
  21. I have this kit to build and am looking forward to building it someday soon. I worked at a BMW dealer 1980-83 and drove a few of these and they were fun. Nice work on this !
  22. Nice, clean build, love the look and the tires make the model.
  23. My parents had a 24 Indian Winnebago, lots of great trips and camping experiences in that beast! This looks great Tom, can't wait to see it done!
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