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  1. This has been one of my "Holy Grail" kits for some time. I found an opened kit at a yard sale and decided to get it, knowing that I was going to have to find tires and decals for it. Thanks to the pandemic, it took some time to get al the necessary parts together, but I finally have it finished. The paint is Tamiya Blue Pearl, over a base of Tamiya Silver and a very LIGHT coat of Tamiya Racing Blue. It may not be exactly historically correct, but I like the finished result. Rear tires are Competition Resins and the front tires are from Future Attractions. The decals came from Chuck Boerner and were excellent!! Overall, I'm quite happy with the result. Hope you all like it! Comments welcome and THNKS for looking!!
  2. Thank you for the response Mr. Fritsche!!
  3. That looks GREAT!! Nice job!! If you don't mind sharing, what shade/color red did you use for the body??
  4. Mr. Brown, where did you get the decals for that build?? I have built that kit, but the decals were trashed and I've never been able to find a duplicate set.
  5. Very nice!! Looks just right!!
  6. LOVE it!! Groovy!! I know we can't stand in the way of progress, but for me, the 70's funny cars had "personality". They were unique, and were much more personalized by the team. Today's funny's are look alike except for the graphics, and even the graphics seem similar at times. I understand the reasons and trying to equalize the competitiveness, but it makes for "cookie cutter" commonality.
  7. Amazing work sir! As a longtime open wheel fan (dating back to the mid 60's) I've seen midgets of near this vintage and you sir have nailed it!! You should be very proud!!
  8. LOVE it!! Nice job. Joey is a good guy. Decent showing this past weekend at Volusia too!
  9. I recently found a Revell 1/16 FC kit at a yard sale. It is in pretty sad shape, but I think I can save it, HOWEVER the tires in it are nothing but 4 misshapen piles of black goo. What is the best source for like sized rear slicks and FC front tires?? I have found the M & H Racemaster slicks on Competition Resins, and THINK they will work, but I'm striking out on a source for the FC front tires. What is everyone's ideas or thoughts?? Thanks!!
  10. LOVE it!! I built several Lindberg kits in 1/32 scale when I was young as they were affordable on my allowance. Beautiful job!!
  11. That turned out GREAT!! And the fact that you completed it in 24 hrs. is mind boggling!! Fantastic job!!
  12. Re: Also the piece under the blower (I think that's it's name?) I think you are referring to the manifold that the blower sits on. This is typically an aluminum or steel part on a real car, depending upon vintage. I think the Revell Amato kit is representative of a mid/late 80's car, so it might be either, most likely aluminum.
  13. Very nice!! I probably saw this car race. I went to quite a few ARCA events in the late 60's/early 70's.
  14. Very cool build! I was a huge fan of Neil Bonnett, but I don't remember this one at all. Thanks!!
  15. VERY nice ! Great job on this one!
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