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  1. gman

    25 t x-stripper

    That thing is a beast, strikes many "right" chords. I would hate to see that coming up fast in the rear view mirror .
  2. I like how you tied the AMT '37 Chevy dash in with modified 32 Ford interior panels for that custom interior look. Nicely done!
  3. I might take that a step further and call him the paint master too- beautiful finish.
  4. gman

    '65 Mustang

    Nice job. You have captured the look of a warmed up/well loved car well, and the subtle differences in interior textures and sheen are bang on.
  5. As well you should be- artfully done!
  6. In full scale (as supplied by Henry), the roadster and 5 window shared many proportions- the deck, door length, quarter panels and pretty much everything other than the roof, door tops and cowl should be similar between the two. Looks like AMT goofed on more than just body height (but you have to love those oldies for what they were anyway) .
  7. I would call that a home run- beautiful job.
  8. Those were only available in the lowrider issues of that kit- it would be nice if they were included. They were on a separate sprue in the lowrider version.
  9. Yes- the injector pin marks were there in previous issues of the kit. As for the chrome being rough, mine is fine though the nature of the body pieces make them easy to warp if sprues are removed too soon or boxed too soon during the manufacturing process.
  10. Nice job...you took care of the slight bulge in the passenger's side C-pillar at the same time I see.
  11. They brought them back in certain markets only...none of my local Walmarts sell model kits, but I have seen them in a few Walmarts in Washington State in my travels (at higher prices that when they carried them before).
  12. ^^ Well said- I for one am happy they brought the new '57 to market. I bought one copy right away, and could see buying several more for building other variations.
  13. Great color, nicely laid down :thumbup:.
  14. Beautiful job on that kit. Thumbsup.
  15. http://www.schmitt.com/viewimage.asp?ID=4831 ^^ There are some nice high-res photos that should help in building this kit, including stock engine pics for those willing to swap in a flathead from the Revell 50 Ford pickup to make the kit more factory stock.
  16. I stopped by my local hobby shop today and they had just unpacked their order and put the Merc woody on the shelf...I've been waiting for this one and snaked the only copy the store had on display .
  17. This kit had big/little wheels that were sort of close: http://www.ebay.com/itm/REVELL-DODGE-CONCEPT-CAR-IN-1-25-SCALE-SNAPTITE-/161169941250?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item25867a2302
  18. http://www.owencraft.com/handle.html ^^ I bought some of these at a model show, and they look great when sanded and polished.
  19. Beautiful paintwork- care to share what you painted them with?
  20. That is a beautiful paint job. Looking forward to seeing this one come together .
  21. What color will you be doing the interior in?
  22. That was Replicas and Miniatures Company of Maryland (and they did the grill shell for MCG IIRC).
  23. Thanks- was thinking of decanting some of those Testors Lacquers. Nice to know they spray OK straight out of the can.
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