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  1. One of my guilty pleasure songs is Dave Brubecks Take Five. When this song came out it very hip and made you seem hip if you were playing it.
  2. And another get well from me.
  3. This radio once belonged to my grandfather. He bought it back in the sixties just to listen Cincinnati Reds ball games because he couldn't get them on TV where he lived (only got one channel back then). When I acquired it I cleaned 55-60 yrs of nicotine buildup off of it and put batteries in it and it works just fine. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing it as there posts about old stereo equipment etc. As you can see the back cover is in poor shape and I wish I could make the tuning knob clear again. Also the little button operated light for the tuner dial doesn't work anymore. When I first turned it on I was reminded of what 60 cycle hum does to AM signal.
  4. I like it. It's always cool to see what others do with this old kit. It may not be accurate but it makes a good blank canvas.
  5. That's crazy! I do remember Goodyear making tires in different colors during the seventies and Don Garlits ran orange front tires on his first rear engined car for a period of time. Didn't catch on with the public.
  6. I'm thinking the same thing.
  7. Thanks again for the kind comments. I have since touched up the little white nubs in front of the radiator.lol I think naugahyde is just a fancy word for vinyl lazlow.😉
  8. Looks good ,although I'm not a big fan of those wheels.
  9. Horn as a wiper motor hahahahaha. I've been telling people about this for years and they still keep sticking the horn on the firewall. LOL
  10. Thanks for the kind comments everyone and to be honest Patrick, I did feel a little guilty when I cut off the windshield frame
  11. Very nice and I also like the color.
  12. Here's my second completion of the year. OOB except for tires from the parts box (the piecrust slicks were the biggest ones that would fit inside the rear fender openings without surgery). The wheels are from the 66 Wildcat reissue as well as the seat with the headrest portion cut off as I thought the optional seats in the kit looked too modern for the era. I tried to make the seat upholstery look like the old sparkle Naugahyde (save the nauga!) and the steering wheel like an old Moon metalflake wheel by painting them both with Stop Light Red over chrome silver.The decals are a mix of kit and some from the 66 Wildcat. I modified the Bonny-ville motors decals to just Bonny Motors. I drilled out the injector intakes and added a fuel pump from the Double Dragster kit to fill the empty hole in the water pump. Didn't bother photographing the chassis because it's just the stock one painted flat black. Shaved the trim and door handle because it's a race car and painted her in Tamiya yellow Pearl over their white primer. The engine is Testors tangerine from the little bottle just because I've never used this color before.
  13. Finished the 64 Cutlass today. Number two for the year. More pics will be in Under Glass.
  14. These cars are better than people give them credit for aren't they. My ride for the last eight years has been a 2013 dodge Avenger that currently has 140000 miles on it.
  15. Wow Kurt, that is a beautiful photo! If I had a print of it I would frame it and hang it on the wall. Always wanted to live in AZ and have been told that Prescott is one of the better towns to live in.
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