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  1. Nice model and what a barge they were!
  2. Nice work! Where did you get the cooler and did it come with the ice? Back in the day vice grips were cheap if you bought the generic ones.
  3. Looking good! Not downing your work at all but the side trim on this kit has always bugged me because it sags in the middle. When I build mine I'm sanding the side trim off.
  4. I posted this onein Under Glass a few days ago but decided to add a couple of additional details. I've always wanted to do something with those empty corners on the custom grille so I decided to put turn signals there. Painted the little chrome bullets that come in the kit. Bullet shaped lights were a thing during the late 50s so I think they are appropriate. Also added some tailpipes from the kit. Now she's finished!
  5. Another great one gone😟.
  6. Very cool and I like the fact that it hasn't been "rat rodded".
  7. Nice resto of a seldom seen kit.
  8. Beautiful! These cars had some huge trunks didn't they.
  9. Very nice and great paint!
  10. Oh yeah! I'm digging this one.
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