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  1. An interesting challenge. Coming along nicely.
  2. If its what I think happened we just need to be patient.
  3. I hope for a rapid recovery for you snake45. Looking forward to your return.
  4. Just saw snake logged in about 2 hours ago but left no messages.
  5. Really like the revised hood scoop. Definitely suits the car well. Looking forward to seeing more.
  6. Ouch you could definitely end up with an expensive paper weight if the subscription company fails.
  7. The one thing that has to be considered is the potential for fire and explosion if the improper fan type is used. You may get away with using an improper fan but it only takes one time when the air fuel mixture is right and you're in trouble if there is a spark. If I was building a paint both I'd use the bilge pump as used in the previous post.
  8. The reason why a proven formula is changed is for greater profit. New and improved means more profit not a better product.
  9. Another possibility is that his computer died. That would explain him not logging in or answering emails.
  10. Love it. Needs a zip code for its parking spot.
  11. I also hope all is well.
  12. Shaping up niceky. Great use of new technology.
  13. I think that 3d scanning will definitely help. However one of the limitations has been the necessity to use powder to get a good scan. That is not something that every car owner may not want to have done. For the most part the budgets dictate what can and cannot be done. The majority if the buyers are just not going to care.
  14. Looking forward to getting at least one of these. The new oarts look cool.
  15. A great concept. Definitely a chance to bring back the joy of building when we were kids. Also a way to maybe use up some parts that you may not use and have some fun.
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