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  1. Yup. In fact it was the troops returning from WW1 that allowed the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic to happen. The today you can be any where in the world in a day. Think of all the people you will interact with. And potentially how many people one sick person could potentially infect. If you think about it it's amazing that it didn't happen sooner. As far as the post office I'm paying but phone or in person. At this point in time its been far to unreliable lately. I received a pge bill six weeks late.
  2. Its cool that he got to go. For me you couldn't pay me enough to go into space. Way too many parts made by the lowest bidder.
  3. Sounds to me that the charger cord might be the issue. It needs to be a tight fit. Sounds like a poor quality cable. Why did you replace the original cable?
  4. Looks like something Homer Simpson would build. Either that of jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies would build.
  5. Although spoons are good for testing colors and paint compatibility I'm not sure that it is a fool proof way of testing recoat times. Different manufacturers specify recoat times. But I think you may get away with violating those times but it occasionally my go bad. It would be safer to stick with one paint brand and type and follow that manufacturers reciat time recommendations.
  6. Sad news. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.
  7. It sounded like the paint worked this time. What changed that?
  8. Nicely done. Looked like polishing took quite a bit of effort. Great concept.
  9. The adage something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for an item. You as the buyer has to decide if any purchase is worth it to you. Its that simple.
  10. The only cost difference between a new kit and a reissue is the newer kits price has to take into account the development costs for a new kit. All of the other costs are going to be the same.
  11. Lots of things contributing to inflation regarding model kits like Increased shipping cost. Shipping cost from overseas has jumped nearly 5 times. increased fuel costs impact transportation of goods. Increased labor costs are also a factor. All of those costs remain the same whether its a new kit or a reissue. First and foremost one needs to shop around there really is no reason to pay msrp or more. Second consider spending more time on a kit adding details and such.
  12. I'm sure round 2 has done their homework and there is a sufficient market for the kit. As far as the price they are aware of the impact of the price , and if they could it would be lower. Also $91 is the msrp and I'm sure it will be available for less than that. Again they feel they can sell enough to make the project work. Hopefully this will be a success. If not it will definitely determine if they do any all new truck releases.
  13. Unfortunately it's not always difficult to find derailment here at times. In some cases it results in a topic being locked. Don't let it discourage you from asking questions , topics seek to be non controversial can become a mess. We've had this discussion several times in the past. It is a topic that some are very passionate about.
  14. I had a really good laugh this morning. One of the banners ads was for"belly button rings". I had a great laugh. Love to know how google thought we would be buying them.
  15. Consider shooting a rifle long distances. There mare many factors to consider what influences a shot. You simply aren't going to do that just reading about it.
  16. Preston. Modeling is art. With modeling there is no magic procedure for building the perfect model. If you draw it takes practice and effort to become proficient. No one can learn without doing. I and others have offered good advice from our years of experience modeling. None of which you seem to want to listen to. Unfortunately I firmly believe you are not going to be pleased with the results you get because you are not willing to put in the effort to achieve that goal. I just don't see that it can have any other outcome. I have tried to be supportive of you for your endeavor. I will no longer bother with giving advice to you because you are unwilling to learn from it. Good luck at your attempt to model. Show us your efforts and results.
  17. The best advice is to test. You need to use some of the exact decals and test those with your final clear coat mix. You need to try several ratios of clear to thinner mix. You want to add enough thinner to allow the clear to flow but you want to avoid making the mix too thin. By testing you will find what works for you. Also test the lacquer paint mix both clear and final color on the sprue from the kit you are building to make sure you don't craze the plastic. Testing is the only way to know precisely if you are going to have issues. Although others may make suggestions as to say mix ratios there are too many variables that can cause disappointment. Test, test, test. There is no substitute for testing. There are no short cuts if you want to accomplish good results
  18. Nice touch. On the exhaust what about putting thinner torsion bars in. Would be more in scale and give more clearance.
  19. The cup of noodles been around for a while. Would have been more suitable for the April issue. LOL
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