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  1. Nauseum will often have you reaching for alka seltzer.
  2. It is amazing how some have the need to post the same topics adnauseam.
  3. Yup and until that mindset changes its going to stay that way. Funny I have the sensation of deja vu. The matrix must have changed something again.
  4. When I say recast it is in the context of someone who is copying the work of another that is still being produced by the original producer and is undercutting their sales. Second in that case it is typical that the castings are extremely poor quality.
  5. Me me me seems to be the world's common mantra these days.
  6. Nicely done. Great weathering. Has a great barn find look.
  7. Tim does the warpage look like look like the pieces were boxed when they were too warm?
  8. Codi sorry to hear about your health issues. Here's to a speedy recovery. Love the proposed paint scheme.
  9. I have a question that I hope someone in the know can answer. There are two ways for doing quality control. One is to inspect 100 percent and the other is to check a some random sample to check quality. Which process is used for model production?
  10. Market supply generally drives the prices of merchandise.
  11. Nice start. Nice looking 3d parts. Great concept and body choice.
  12. Unfortunately recasters are only in it for a quick buck and are always poorly done. I remember following the figures for a while and the recasters had a lot of garage kit manufacturers quit because of the impact on sales and the poor quality.
  13. Well we are getting some much needed rain and cooler weather, a nice change from the very hot weather we've recently had.
  14. Dioramas require a variety of skills which may require structure construction, figure painting, construction of vehicles, and weathering,
  15. Hope the photos will get restored. This is an interesting topic.
  16. Gotta agree that warning points should expire after some time. The safest thing is to just stick with the modeling part of the board. It's too easy to get caught up in some of the other more controversial discussions and cross the line inadvertently. As far as reporting threads if you stick to the modeling aspect of the board you're less likely to run into the inappropriate behavior of others which might warrant reporting.
  17. Today it's easy to find things to complain about, the trick is to focus on the things we can change and also the positive things in life.
  18. Smart man. Besides you never know these days if they will rescind a job offer this days.
  19. Reporter Lois Lane wasn't much of an investigative reporter because she never figured out Clark Kent was Superman.
  20. Month of Sundays was an expression for a very long time or never.
  21. To lose a loved one unexpectedly would be devastating. I can't imagine what his family is dealing. I'm also sadden that his passing has been relegated to off topic. Automotive journalist, historian, hot rodder, and drag racer. You can't get more automotive related than that. Instead the notice is stuck with celebrity obits and numerous word games in a section many may not frequent because of that.
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