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  1. Thanks guys... Just starting back on this again after a short Hospital visit for a hernia repair, been in bed for a few days not wanting to do anything but walk properly again ! Felt a bit more with it today, so spent a couple of hours on the Hemi.. I smoothed the valve covers, enlarging the holes id drilled to accept black tube that sits flush. In to this i can add the yellow HT leads. Induction is an old silencer box, smoothed with added metal rings etc. From these i`ll run 2mm solder wire down towards the rad, the distributor has a tube fitted over it to feed the leads out each side ! A bit twin turbo looking hopefully ! I quite like it, simple but it looks good with the metal pipes running out, i`ll add these once the engine is in place ! More soon, thanks fer` lookin in Folks !
  2. Always cool to see a lowrider build on the forum, nice colours on your 64 ! Am I correct in thinking you used different tyres, I thought the tyres for the wire wheels on the 64 are wider and smaller diameter ? ?
  3. Thanks guys.... Well im still on this, bit of a delay as i cant cut my p/e discs out so i cant use them yet ! Ive just bought Tamiya p/e scissors but the discs are so thick it chews the teeth up on the scissors. What do you guys use to cut out p/e pieces ?? And i eventually went back to the original wheels, as i found plastic disc brakes that fitted them ! So ive been working on the rear first, tops of the tyres were cut down, the top of the diff was smoothed, the tunnel was enlarged, and the inner arches thinned... anything that lowers it. And its just at a height i can live with, anything lower will require new inner arches etc, major surgery as the rear seats wont fit ! Heres the rear mocked up, with the chassis and axle in. Front is just resting in place but this will be the real challenge...
  4. Just seen this, wow what a crazy ride ! I love the paint, you can't get too shiny , I works for this I reckon ! You've obviously been building great models for a while it this is an old build !
  5. If you dont like tuners, why would you see F&F films and be a fan ?? Lol, just kidding Nick ! Great job on this, very realistic and that engine is incredible !
  6. Wow that's a beautiful 34 , fantastic workmanship, i particularly like the suspension components ! Which body/fenders were used , I thought it was the ZZ top kit until I realized it's a 5 window !
  7. I said at the beginning of this thread, one of the best chassis building tutorials I've seen ! Your very humble when complimented , but this is exceptional building and engineering Luke. So many tips and tricks I'll be saving this thread, and hopefully trying some of these things myself ! Look forward to more on this one mate, such an awesome build !
  8. Thanks Bruce, nice Cuda ! Well i think this is the first time ive got this far on a project with no definate decision on wheels, but Ive finally found some ! These were stolen from a 37 Ford project that Id started, (no idea what kit their from? ) but Im well happy they are just what i was looking for ... p/e discs should show through okay, so its time for suspension ! Going to need a LOT of cutting about to get it this low, so wish me luck eh !
  9. WOW !! Your 240Z is incredible, I heard of race cars losing any excess weight, but Eric that's taking the @#£% !! ? Amazing car, did you drive that on the street ?? Funny but I thought it was Robert Downey Jnr driving it !
  10. The craziness continues ! Great idea using corvair engines , I have an unbuilt one somewhere if you need any spares ? Chassis looks, well, original ! ! Great design it looks like part of the same kit ! Looking forward to more, (and I've missed your 1:1 project, more pics please! )
  11. Thankyou for the commens guys, much appreciated ! More mock ups, i check everything still fits together reguarly, best not to find any problems later.... Still not definately set on these wheels, rears are fine but the front are just a tad too big i think ? Looking for quite an open style of wheel as i have p/e disc brakes for it.. Engine was progressing, but i thought I`d de-chrome the valve covers, carbs etc. They have been soaking in bleach for 4 days now and they are just starting to clear, Revell certainly chrome these things thick ! More engine updates soon, at least the headers are fitted and luckily still clear the engine bay alright ! ( panic attack there ! )
  12. Looking good Sonny , lots of little tips n' tricks included in this ! I like the chassis work, hate it when you find molded in exhausts etc and I like the way you made the engine mounts too ! Should look great , I like the new door panels too , great stuff !
  13. Now that's a cool Wagon ! I love Kindigs cars, although subtle, the 55 is a beautiful piece of inspiration ! Good choice using the wagon rod suspension, I'm looking forward to more on this !
  14. Enjoying watching this come together Jim, lots of subtle mods but will look all the better for it ! Especially like the floating grill idea, i will be watching this come together now !
  15. Just been having a catch up on this, great work as usual Dann ! Love the new colours, they suit the shape well ! As for the wheels, how about the 3 pointed knock offs you get on lowrider wheels ? Just an idea ! Looking forward to more buddy !
  16. Thankyou for the comments ! Interior is pretty much finished, still not glued down but finished ! Steering column was scratchbuilt, and i finally used my p/e steering wheel ive had for a while, new colour carpet and rear shelf breaks the interior up a bit. Ive added a p/e grill for the centre console and electric window switches for the doors too. Pin shifter and indicator stalk, and some buttons in the console ( which i might change! ) More soon, engine time next i reckon...
  17. Thanks guys ! Bit more on this, centre console has been scratchbuilt and the interior is now Ivory with a gold dash and console... So i guess im not following the original cars colours of blue and silver ! The 4 dials (Audi R8) and cuda badge are copying the original layout, just smoother ! Might add another colour to the interior as its a bit plain, but the Ivory colour is also going on the engine bay and floorpan. Still lots more to add to the interior, so i`ll post up a pic when its finished !
  18. Great stuff Luke, interiors really coming along ! Thought you'd be using a twin turbo engine, but the stacks should look just as Cool sticking out ! And what are you using for the bolts holding the suspension etc together ? They look really effective !
  19. Looking good Dann, I'd check there's room down the sides of the seats for that cage ( unless your not using standard ones ) as they seem quite wide. I'm playing around with my Cuda interior now so thought I'd mention it ! Should be a beast when complete, looking forward to more on this !
  20. Very nice work on the seats, bet that's hard to scribe it all like that, and keep it that clean looking ! Looking forward to seeing more !
  21. Oh my God, an advanced custom option ? ? On an otherwise standard version of the car those options look horrible, but somehow if you chop the roof up like that, it makes the crazy front and rear end look good ! I'll admit you get full marks for imagination, and I can see this really working out ! If it's anything like any the rest of your builds this is going to be one to watch, I'm with you all the way buddy !
  22. Wow, such a detailed project you certainly have some skills ! Looking forward to seeing your other builds, and also more progress on this one ! With all the details on the back of the cab etc why don't you add a tilt bed ? Show off all the rear axle and wide rubber ?
  23. Joe, Dann, thanks guys ! Im doing bits here n there on this, weathers still naff to even primer so im still cutting stuff up ! Dashboard was next, wanted a different look so ive smoothed it ! Here it is before , sorry forgot to take a pic of the real thing ! Chopped out the drivers section... And heres an interior mock up, maybe a centre console next ? ( dash not quite finished off yet! )
  24. Added a bit more to this, i wanted to fill the gap in front of the radiator so ive continued the smooth sides, down to the front. The front panel has to fit exact or it lifts the body away from the engine bay. Covered the radiator bulge in plastic, and removed the bonnet pin panels from the sides. Bit more smoothing and i can primer it next ! Hemi has been started, its a bit tight in there but does fit ok ! More soon, thanks for looking !
  25. Haha, thanks Dann its so much easier working with cardboard, i also save the chrome effect card you get in easter eggs etc and use it on my lowrider builds.. You can engrave it too as its card ! Thanks Sonny i do love those style of cars, Foose is the master, and some of the Ring Brothers stuff are the best detailed cars ive seen. Not sure about saving detailing work later though ? When you add these smooth panels you also have to think about how it looks from underneath, and the bonnet has to close properly, engine has to still fit etc ! I think its probably easier to add the details in the bay rather than smooth it all ! As for the engine, it has a HEMI so its going to be big whatever happens !
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