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First let me apologize to all you mopar guys about the boring WHITE paint job,Iknow theres alot wrong with this build ?,i know i should have cut the lower part of the front out instead of painting it,the decals on the side i know should go more straight along the rear upper quarter

the battery is in wrong,missing water bottle,  i.could keep going BUT my main objective on build was to try something different ,mainly the hood,i use carbon fiber look that is that 3m vinyl adhesive,i know the pattern is a little out of scale but thought it looks good.(really cant tell if you just glance at it)  that stuff really went on very nicely it dosent look like it in photos but that stuff REALLY conforms to the shape OF HOOD WHEN HEAT APPLIED it went down in every nook and vent on hood,im not saying it was a quick process maybe 20 minutes .but i can see my self using this vinyl stuff on other things in future?now my question to you guys who built this ,the decals,i COULD not get them to go on like the they are on box,when i tryed to make it go a lilltle straigher at the the end of quarter the decal ripped on me,so i just let it go the natural arch that the decal had in it( my decals had a real arch to them from the factory)and did anyone find the water bottle,and wiper motor,cause i was definately missing those items from the kit?? and also didnt realize that the turn signals were on the decal sheet TILL AFTER i painted them?  all in all im pretty happy with the outcome.i have one more of these im going to hold off on because of decal problem.and in all honestly this thing looks Very good in real life,pictures just dont look as good as really seiing it in person?

cuda 0.jpg






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No need to apologize about anything on this build. As for the white color, that gives any car a very clean understated look.  The hood pattern is a little bold, but still looks great to me. If it ever bothers you that much it would be easy to change without effecting the rest of your build. I like how you detailed the engine compartment. 

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