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This is not from "Back in the Day". This car is from about 15 years ago and the owner lives (or lived) in Las Vegas. Nice guy. I saw this in a mag about 12 years ago and was building a model of it. He sent me a message to tell me that it was his car. He sent me some pics to answer some of my questions. I have the mag at home for reference.


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3 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

Looks like it would fall over if you turned the steering wheel.


Controversial comment alert: This is just as goofy as current "stanced" cars and donks. ?


That said, I’m not sure which is more dangerous to be around in traffic.

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I'm not surprised that the car in the first post is a recreation I don't remember seeing them running around with wheelie bars.

Just goes to show not all trends are based on practicality. I've seen jacked up 4x4s that are so high I have no clue how they get in or out.  Oh well to each his own.

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Some trends are for looks. In this case the trend was started by someone who wanted to put more tire on the car but didn't want to cut up the wheel wells. It solved the problem but at the expense of handling.  Others copied the design and it started a trend.

The guy that built this car liked the look and built his version.  Despite the short comings that's what he wanted.


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