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Ford Falcon Builds - post yours


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Ford Falcon XB Coupe
41713021162_826ddefd44_c.jpgfordfalcon01 by aus_mus, on Flickr

Allan Moffat's XY Falcon racecar
26452695528_78a35606a7_c.jpgMoffat Falcon XY by aus_mus, on Flickr

1/8 Ford Falxon XY
39594019114_537cd9b039_c.jpgFord Falcon XY GTHO by aus_mus, on Flickr

Captain Risky's XB Falcon Sedan
39130416381_289e8ee9b2_c.jpgcaptain01 by aus_mus, on Flickr

Mad Max Pursuit Special
39421697611_064ba8258b_c.jpgMad Max Black on Black by aus_mus, on Flickr

Mad Max Pursuit cars
39421697251_128abe1605_c.jpgMad Max MFP Interceptors by aus_mus, on Flickr

HubNut's Betty AU Falcon
50350919573_6167e2405a_b.jpgDSCF8839 by aus_mus, on Flickr

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I have always been a Falcon fan and had a very 1/1 '65 V-8 4-speed for a few years of which I built a model of how it looked when I first got it using a Modelhaus resin body


This a a phantom Lotus-Falcon based on a Trumpeter kit


I also did a diecast conversion of a first generation Falcon a long the same theme using parts from a GT350


This diecast conversion just has GMP Mini-Lites wheels



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I love Falcons,  having a '60 Ranchero,  '64 two door sedan, '65 and '66 Futura sedans, and a '62 Comet as daily drivers. I also have a '63.5 hardtop project on the far back burner.

Models...I have two early Rancheros, one is going to be like my 1:1, one is going to be a gasser, and one resin sedan delivery.  A trumpeter 64 Ranchero,  an old 62 two door sedan,  and a resin dirt track project...none of them are built.  Boy am I a slacker.

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3 hours ago, Roger U said:

Very nicely built model, Roger.

What paint did you use? I'd like to find that color for a future project.

Thanx Roger! It's Model Masters Diamond Green. It's been discontinued for some time. You may be able still find a can of it.

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On 12/18/2020 at 10:27 AM, afx said:

I'm a big fan of the Ford Falcon - lets see your builds and/or projects.

One of mine to kick things off.




Can you post a link of post more pics of this and details as to what you used for parts? Very cool build!



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