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1958 Chezoomed Caddy.


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This was one of those cars I wanted to do a few things I hadn't done before, so on this IMEX Caddy Eldorado Biarritz kit, I cut the front fender chrome spears from the body, and also cut the large rear moldings/wheel opening chrome,  from behind the rear tires, and removed the front wheel well trim from the body, and sent them to a chromer to be plated.

While those parts were gone, I took the roof off a Revell Chezoom kit and fitted it on the caddy body, and beings that the Chezoom was a "Full builder kit" with interior, I also modified the interior to make it fit in the caddy body.

The hood wasn't long enough for me, so I stretched it a bit, and hinged it, so the under hood would work for me.

The front fenders  and doors, from the headlights to the sweetheart dip, needed to be rounded like Cheezoom, so some body filler took care of that, along with stretching the doors to the dip , and reshaping the rear of the door line, rounding it a bit and angling it back, and the tail lights were moved from the body to the bumper.

Next, I mixed up a custom urethane peach pearl, and after prepping the body with urethane primer, gave her some color and then several coats of clear, before rubbing her out, and then put her all together.









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15 hours ago, Steve Geer said:

That is gorgeous!  That Chezoom lid is perfection on the Caddy’s curvaceous body . . . and the color. Not enough superlatives to compliment everything. Just, wow!

Thank you @Steve Geer. I much appreciate your comments.

She was fun to build. I love this hobby.👍

15 hours ago, EngineerBob said:

Beatiful! Extraordinary body mods and the ability/access to getting chrome plated parts really takes it over the top.

@EngineerBob  Thanks so much 👍

I do love using body fillers and doing some sculpting at times.

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3 hours ago, slusher said:

Gorgeous Cadillac, love the roof line and overall look 👀.   Very clean build …


3 hours ago, ewetwo said:

Really sharp looking



3 hours ago, Koellefornia Kid said:

Kool! Exactly what I would do with a ´58 Caddy! Very Nice!

Thanks all of you.

This is a fabulous hobby, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

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