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Wip: amt 1967 mustang fastback


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I got this kit years ago, and stopped immediately on it because the front piece on the body doesn't sit right. I worked it for a while and im pretty happy with it now

I finally decided it was time to build it or toss it. I dont have enough space for the kits i have, and since the 67 mustang fastback was my dream car growing up, and even today, i said im going to do it. The body is full prepped and ready for primer and paint. Im going to soray it tomorrow. its going to be tamiya ts54, light metallic blue. Its my new favorite color from tamiya. I did my 79 bronco this color.

I need to do more work on the wheels and tires and then finish putting it all together. 


I came to a screeching halt on this because I had a rough week health wise, but i should be ready to ho again tomorrow 










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Thank you all for the very nice comments. i really appreciate it. 


Unfortunately I am still getting over my minor health problem, so i didn't feel up to painting the body. Im hoping another day or two and i will be ready to go.


With that, i realized I didn't paint the air cleaner. I took it off and sprayed it with tamiya smoke to knock off a bit of shine. I also painted the white on the air filter media. I also added more black wash to the valve covers. Its a lot better in my opinion. 


I also cleaned up the tires and installed them. i wasn't getting a 4 wheel touch on the floor and it took me a while to figure out why, but one of the tires was not flat, it had and edge, and that was lifting the opposite side. I took a nail file and straightened it out and it lays right now.  




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9 hours ago, happy grumpy said:

great work so far, I like the exhaust pipe color, the heat effect is really good. Hope you get better soon.

thank you. im starting to feel much better now. i have tomorrow off for my dr appointment and the rest of the day is reserved for painting this body.


the exhaust is model master metalizers burnt metal. i got it many years ago. i just brush paint it on, and where i start and stop brushing seems to get a slightly different color compared to the middle of the stroke. the start and stop look like the burnt part.  on the curves, i will brush from the curve. its kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but its important when brushing it that you do one long stroke on the straight part it will get a "burnt" part where you stop. also, the paint needs to be shaken constantly in between strokes or it will just be dark gray. it says for airbrush only but its really thin, like the old humbrol paints, so it goes on nicely with a brush


i also used this color for the dry brush on the chassis. it gives an interesting color i think. 

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1 hour ago, moparfarmer said:

Nice paint and have a ?..When you glued in the front and rear pans/facia did you have to modify the chassis to fit or was it an easy fit?


No, if i put the rear portion in firtst, its no issue.


1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

Very nice paint job Miles.....but what paint and your process?

Tamiya primer. Very,very light coat of color. Doesn't matter if everything is covered. 2nd light coat, everything must be covered. 3rd coat is heavier, but not so heavy it runs. Single coat of tamiys clear, about as heavy as 3rd coat. I replied your  post in the questions area in more detail a few days ago. I just checked, and the response to the full.prep is on the first page on your topic. 

59 minutes ago, Bainford said:

The paint looks good, and I'm really digging the colour. What paint is it, and what colour primer, if any? Cheers.

Its tamiya white primer first. The color is tamiya ts54, light metallic blue

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I am finished.

I realized that i couldn't put it together with the firewall in place, so i put the firewall in the engine compartment and put it together and used toothpick to line it up.


Overall a pretty fun build. I had a couple of mistakes but overall im pretty happy with it.






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