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A Corral full of Mustangs for 2021


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Maybe not completely full, but I added six Mustangs to my collection this year. I'll be trying to fill a few gaps in the new year.












And here's the money shot, x2...







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1 hour ago, Rodent said:

Tony, do you have WIP threads on any of them, especially the '67? I would like to see how you "corrected" the front suspension and track issues these kits have.

There are no full build threads on this forum, unfortunately. Here's what I posted on the '67. I changed out the wheel and tire combo on this one to a set of Cragars that I think came with the Revell '67 Dodge Charger. The fronts had the mounting spindles cut and repositioned to give the ride height I wanted. The rears fitted the track OK but I repositioned the spring mounts to get the tires where I wanted them.


The yellow Revell Boss 302 has more pictures in the link, including info on how I take my pictures.



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1 hour ago, kruleworld said:

Nice 'stangs. are you going to continue adding other year models to this collection? (there's plenty).

There will be more at some point. They are a bit addictive!

This lot were done for a Forum Mustang Group Build on a Brit modeller site. I ran out of time there for adding more builds. A Monogram Boss 429, a couple of Shelbys and a '72 351 Fastback never got started. Fortunately, my interest in the marque stops at the '74's and that's probably just as well as there are at least twenty earlier cars I wouldn't mind doing! The new year will see me drifting into Mopar territory though, with a couple of Superbird builds I've wanted to do for years now. It's about time I did something about that.

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