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77 Monte Carlo phantom aero coupe/fast back


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Hi all, this is a “phantom” what if 77 Monte Carlo. This started from another project that I wanted the roof for and I didn’t really want to toss the rest of the body so I figured I would use a Johan Cutlass roof from a lightly damaged promo. That was my first mistake! After I had the roof molded on I thought it would look cool with the vent style side windows on the Chevelle nascar kit so I dug up one of those and instead of replacing the whole roof I thought “I’ll just cut out the side windows” Nothing like making a lot more work for myself! I also added some IROC Camaro hood louvers. I was going for a factory prototype style that Chevy may have built. Overall I like the way it turned out even though my bodywork and scratchbuilding skills are no where near what is on this forum. Comments always welcome!








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I love it! Great work integrating the semi fastback roofline into the MC body. Looks like you've also adjusted the panel line on the trunk opening to coordinate with the shape of the rear window. I was always a fan of the louvers on the Lagunas rear quarter windows, and they work well here along with the hood louvers from the Camaro. Definitely a one-of-a-kind build. 

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I like your OEM Prototype body mods. The color reminds me of one Chevrolet called Firethorn Mt. and was popular at that time. Besides the hood louvers, the wheels look much like the Z-28 Camaro wheel used at that time. This makes a very good-looking Monte Carlo and all of the design elements flow well together. 

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