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  1. Great job!! I still like that body better than the revel body.
  2. Steve Bolander I am very sorry I offended you but I sure wasn't offended I just thought you misunderstood what I was asking. I sorry you felt like you had to block me I tried to send you a private apology. Happy modeling
  3. I know the Foose truck is not a stock body but I am wanting to use the decals from the Ed Roth 56 Ford truck on the Foose body and was wondering how close the size was. The old revel and the Foose are both 25th scale. I wasn't asking about the monogram 55 Ford truck.
  4. Does anyone know how the Foose Truck compares in size to the old revel 56 ford truck?
  5. Great job Jason it has the right classic look.
  6. Sorry but that does not do a thing for me. The last Corvette they made was the 1967 427. Sorry I am just stuck in the 60's
  7. Doesn't do a thing for me with or without the split window.
  8. Bill like you I don't care for the Continental kit. Does the AMT kit have to be built w/ the continental kit. I am building my old teenage hang out and a friend of mine in high school had a 55 that I wanted to do. I thought the only difference was the plate above the taillights.
  9. Can someone tell me about the new tool AMT 56 T-Bird I can't find a kit review. I think I remember some negative comments but can't remember for sure.
  10. mredjr

    57 chevy

    I love that kit but it does have some fit problems. I got my first 57 Chevy kit around 1964 and I had almost every issue through the years. you did a great job love the stance. It is just a mild custom and I think that is great. I had a real 57 HT back in the day with a 396 and 400 turbo I wish I had it today.
  11. Dave I was talking about the 409 looking like a blob and it does. I does not even look like a 409. I would rather have the taillight but the molded in look ok.
  12. Looks like the same old peace of junk. Typical Round2 another 30.00 box art and a pile of junk in the box.
  13. Wish they would put some taillights a 409 that didn't look like a blob and fix the sink in the top edge of the drivers door.
  14. Looks like more box art from Round2 for 2019
  15. I just wish they would put the taillights back in .
  16. Snake to build the Jenkins car use the Butch Leal kit and you can build it right out of the box it is a true A990 and that is what Jenkins car was.
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