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  1. Next lot of pix show engine HT wiring looms and general chassis construction and assembly after paint Paint is Tamiya X-4 blue with no clear coat
  2. Next up is some photos of the sequence of the manufacture of the coil over shocks The base material is ally which has been machined to shape The C/O shaft is stainless steel filler wire and the coils are copper wire strands stripped out of household electrical cable - lots of uses for copper strands from almost any cable In the dark ages I used painted fuse wire for spark plug leads - held its shape way better than sewing thread or nylon fishing line - I'm talking real dark ages here
  3. I had a look through my computer that I store pix from my SLR camera and found some more photos of the front end and the engine mount from the 32 Tudor The first shows the front end - way too high for my liking The next is the original front end cut out of the frame in preparation for the flat cross member The last one has cross member from the 32 Sedan for the flat head motor. The nail head motor mounts have been cut away as well
  4. "That’s some nice work on the frame, thanks for showing us your work. I am not very familiar with this kit, how much of the rear frame did you change? " Hi Jeff Below is a pix of the original frame I cut off the raised portion and made a new piece with mounts for the floor. There are spacers added to raise the new piece for rear axle clearance
  5. Next up was the install of the motor The flathead option from the Revell 32 Tudor sedan was chosen The flathead from motor mount was installed behind the front cross member and this fitted with little modification - unfortunately no pix The complete unit of motor and gearbox was used from the 32 kit The lowered rear end posed a problem with the coil-overs now too long The answer was to spend some time on my Unimat 3 lathe to machine up a set of coil overs The spring was made by winding some silver wire on a screw and trimming to length Next up paint - dark b
  6. Next up the rear end The frame was notched and spacers installed in the cross member for clearance of the pumpkin Pix show unmodified and modified
  7. The build started with addressing the ride height The front end was lowered by installing a flat cross member which was a piece of channel stock This was strengthened with some wire and the frame notched for clearance
  8. I see the Revel 29 Roadster has been re-released albeit with a different motor This build was done about 2-3 years ago and is inspired by some pix I saw online. The theme is AV8 hi-boy roadster The bog stock Revel kit sits way too high so this needed to be addressed as well
  9. Thanks for the kind words guys
  10. bill-e-boy

    56 Dodge

    56 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer Based on MCW resin repop of an old friction toy and made to resemble the real car tha I own Enjoy
  11. Getting some polish on, nearly done
  12. Been beavering away at the kit and getting close to final assembly Paint been colour sanded and polished out, foiled and a few touch ups with Molotow Bumpers and front bright work painted with Molotow - this stuff is a game changer - might need to pull out a couple of stalled projects and progress them as the chrome was the main reason for storing them away Interior finished and installed into body Had a fight with the kit glass but go there in the end Progress pix below Teaser in the last pix
  13. I bought two kits from MCW so 2nd build will be full detail - open hood, more detailed chassis from a donor kit, Jag front end, LA motor etc
  14. The rest of the parts have been coming together and getting ready for finishing
  15. Interior was blown apart for paint and then reassembled
  16. The kit was cleaned up and painted - easy to colour match as I have the real thing to copy. The pix show a difference but they are the same
  17. I recent post in Under glass prompted me start this thread Subject is 56 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer which I have had since 2016 It was imported into New Zealand in 2011 from Texas via California. It was modified in the States with the original poly engine and trans replaced with at 360+727. The rear end is a 10 bolt Chev. Chev power steering and column added. The naughty bit was where the original modifier weld the Chev pitman arm onto the Dodge arm - doesn't fly in NZ with our strict car modification rules So to get over certification issues I installed a Jag XJ6 front end
  18. Nice color choice I have a real one of these - two tone salmon lower with black upper Rodded with 360+727, 10 bolt Chev rear and XJ6 Jag front Have model in the works so will post pix when done
  19. Has Revell gone bankrupt? Any one heard anything?
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