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  1. Great builds, all of them! The camper and trailer are very nice replicas of the real ones. Citroen is weathered very nicely. Good work! Sam
  2. Here's my final build for this year, a Lindberg 37 Ford rod. Nice kit, but I had some fit issues. I had to reglue the windshield frame/dashboard 3 times, and the body didn't want to sit right on the chassis, but I finally got it together. Paint is Rustoleum black primer with 3 coats of gloss clear. Colonial red interior with tan seats. I sprayed the chrome wheels with flat clear to make them look less toy-like. Pretty simple build. I hope you like it! Sam
  3. All great builds! I really like the red 32 coupe! Sam
  4. Me too! The 32 highboy is superb! Great builds all around! Sam
  5. Beautiful builds! Great color scheme. Very good work! Sam
  6. Sixties Sam

    My 2020

    Nice builds! I like the 49 Merc and the Gremlin a lot! Sam
  7. I agree! Good work on all of them! Sam
  8. Great builds! The Ford pickup and trailer are excellent! Sam
  9. Great build! It's hard to tell it from the pics of the real car! Good work! Sam
  10. Very cool! The stove is a nice addition. Weathering is good, not overdone. Nice! Sam
  11. Great build! I'm glad you stuck it out and finished it. Good color scheme! Sam
  12. Very nice build! The color is great! Sam
  13. Wow! Great work on mating up all those different body parts! Stance and finish are just right, too! Excellent! Sam
  14. I found this 40 Ford van on ebay, missing its chassis, wheels, and engine. I had an old 40 chassis and other parts laying around, and an ancient Buick nailhead from an original 40 ford coupe from the 1960's, and used those parts. Wheels are from the Revell 34 Ford coupe snap-tite model. I added oval windows o the sides, VW taillights, and spare tire from who knows what for interest. Paint is Rustoleum gloss orange. Engine is wired. License plate is a nod to Chris Farley's Matt Foley sketches on SNL The model doesn't look bad, I think! Comments welcome! Sam
  15. Very nice build! I like the two-tone color scheme. I had a real 1965 Corvair convertible back in 1970 (my first car). I put the spare in the front trunk for weight to help the car actually be steerable in snow! Sam
  16. Those are great dioramas, Ray! The water effects are very well done. I'm guessing G scale on the railroad dio. Excellent work! Sam
  17. Wow! What a save! Great color, and the interior is killer! Good work! Sam
  18. Yes, it is! Excellent work, great color! Sam
  19. Very cool rod! Interesting body style, makes a nice hot rod! Sam
  20. Very nice model! You don't see many of those big GM convertibles. Great color, and well done! Sam
  21. Beautiful model! I like the color scheme a lot. The only addition I would make is adding spark plug wires. Hemi's are fairly easy since the holes for the plug wires are already there in the heads. An aftermarket pre-wired distributor would save some more work. Sorry to nit-pick. It's still a great build! Sam
  22. Very nice, Alexandr! I like the engine hoist a lot! Good work! Sam
  23. What if you want to repaint a model that has been coated with Future? Can you paint over it with decent results, or must it be stripped off with ammonia or some other chemical before painting? Sam
  24. Very nice! You've nailed the brass era racer look! Sam
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