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  1. Trumpet player here. I was in the Penn State Blue Band a looong time ago. I currently play in a community band in Bellefonte, PA. My two sons are trumpet players too. I sang in our church choir for 40 years, and now direct the choir. Music is a big part of my life. Sam
  2. Great model, very well done! Amazing details! Coincidently, I'm working on a scratch-built food trailer for my car show diorama. I hope it comes out half as good as this! Sam
  3. Very nice build! It's nice to see such a clean build of one built stock. Good work! Sam
  4. Clean and green! I like it! Sam
  5. Very good build! I like the tailgate chains - a nice touch! Sam
  6. Beautiful! Great save! Sam
  7. Very nice diorama! It looks real! Cool headlights on the Cuda! Sam
  8. Very nice! Just cleaned up enough. I like the color. Sam
  9. Beautiful build! Great color combo! Sam
  10. Very clean build! Looks good in white, and the interior detail is great! Sam
  11. Very nice build! Great color choices, and well done! Sam
  12. Here's my 49 Merc chopped woody (resin body)
  13. Nice clean build! Great finish - eye catching! Good work! Sam
  14. Very cool rod! Not overdone-just right! Sam
  15. Great build! I like the color scheme, and the whole model is done so cleanly! Sam
  16. Very nice build! The interior is killer! Nice work! Sam
  17. Nice work on this model! I like the original GTO's. Sam
  18. Wow! That looks great! Good color choice, and very well done. Sam
  19. Nice models! I like the white Corvair and the teardrop trailer a lot! Sam
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