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  1. Here's something different. I built this Lindberg Dodge L-700 tilt cab truck, lengthening the frame and making it a flatbed. It hauls a Porsche diesel Junior 108 tractor from Revell Germany. The truck was a bugger to build. Nothing fit, and flash everywhere. Old tooling, I think. Opening doors - forget it. Steerable wheels - forget it. The cab does tilt. The bed is balsa and scored basswood siding. The tractor is a very nice kit. Easy assembly, good fit on all the parts. I added a go-kart from the AMT '60 Chevy pickup kit. The combination is a nod to the Nittany Antique Machinery show held near my home town. It represents a guy on his way to the show with his restored vehicles. It was a fun build, but frustrating at times, but hey, that's our hobby!
  2. Wow! 20 years in the making! It's a beauty. Great work! Sam
  3. I built the 59 Ford Skyliner a few years ago with no problems with the multi-piece body. The top mechanism gave me trouble, though!
  4. This is Troy. He's14 years old and a bit slow, but we love him! He lost weight since this pic was taken.
  5. Very nice! Great detail and lots of character! Well done! Sam
  6. Excellent build! Good color choice, and well done! Sam
  7. Very good build! Great color, and the interior is well done. Sam
  8. I just used a seat, steering wheel, and dash from my parts boxes. Flat sheet of styrene for a floor. No door panels. Kind of crude, but it displays well enough to suit me.
  9. Great build! The finish is really well done. Those Jags were beautiful cars! Sam
  10. Cool! I built a car hauler with that same cab a few years ago. Mine has no engine or chassis detail. Yours should be really good! Sam
  11. Beautiful! That's some impressive body work fixing where those giant skirts were. Color combo is great, too! Sam
  12. Such a clean, smooth build! I like it a lot! Sam
  13. Wow! Great model! The engine and chassis details are amazing! Great work! Sam
  14. Excellent build of a tough kit! I built one (poorly) in my teen years in the 1960's, and built another one in 2014. It came out much better. I had trouble with the fit of the top and its mechanism, and had to redo it twice. Yours is really nice! Sam
  15. Very cool! I like your craft bead "fruit". I made a 40 Ford veggie truck a few years ago, and just used printed pictures of veggies in balsa wood crates. They look ok, but up close you can see they are just 2-dimensional. Yours are much better! Sam
  16. Very nice work on this! Coincidently, I'm currently building the same L-700 kit. I stretched the frame and will make it a car hauler. I built the original back in the day, too. Not a simple build! Sam
  17. Great builds! I really like the Willys and the 37 Ford roadster! Very nice work! Sam
  18. Thanks for the compliments. guys! Those models were all built since September. Mobility issues kept me from safely going down the steps to my basement workshop. I bought a used stair lift in September, so now I can build models again! Sam
  19. That's the AMT Mod Rod kit. Kind of a weird rework of the old Ala Kart kit. Sam
  20. Here are my builds for this year. The food trailer is scratch built. 41 Chevy truck is a resin cab and tractor nose with parts box stuff. Fun projects! Sam
  21. Beautiful builds! Great interior details on both! Nice all around! Sam
  22. Great looking rods! My favorite is the chopped 32 coupe, but they're all great builds! Sam
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