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1 hour ago, NYLIBUD said:

I love these little things.They make great drag cars.Only problem,I’m 6,3”.Not enough leg room.Great job, what color is the car?

Base is several coats with varying ratios of Badger Yellow/Createx Wicked Yellow trying to get the color I wanted.  This didn't turn out just right, so I followed it with two mist coats of Faskolor Faspearl Gold. Final spray was Createx 5604 Gloss Top Coat.

I'll admit that indiscriminately mixing colors is a long term weakness of mine...  In my younger days I worked in an auto parts store, and back then when body shops needed paint you mixed it according to the Dupont formula.  Mismixing was common, and the rejects were stored under the bench. 

This was in the 70's, and being broke my cars were rebuilt junkers.  Growing up in my dad's body shop I was fairly skilled in dent work and painting, so periodically I'd gather up those mismixed quarts from the parts store, mix similar colors until I had a gallon or so of a color I liked, then paint my car with it.

My paint booth was the back yard on a warm day.  I'd wet down the grass, spray the area with Raid to keep the bugs down, and blast away with my ancient Devilbliss gun and a twin diaphragm Montgomery Ward compressor.  No tank, no regulator, just hold a kink in the hose to keep the pressure right.  Here's my Volvo 145 getting some finishing touches after one of these paint jobs, this time a fancy two-tone light over dark blue!





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Very nice!  I have always liked the Opel GT since I was a kid in Germany when they were new!  

A few summers ago I pulled into a local gas station in my Geo Tracker with the roof off and came across a guy gassing up an Opel GT.  He nodded at me as car guys will acknowledge each other.   I walked over and complimented his car and he was pleased I could identify it.  He said most people couldn't!    Wheeler Dealers had a nice episode on the Opel GT that I enjoyed, and learned a bit about the car too!

I have a few of those AMT units in a box.  I should get them out and rebuild them!  I had planned on building one with the lights open.

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34 minutes ago, peekay said:

Great looking model!

I'll probably get done for heresy but I'd rather have one of these than the Corvette it mimics.

HERESY!!!  TO THE FIRE!!!!!!  

As penitence you have to LS it!



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20 hours ago, bbowser said:

Great job on a neat car!  I always thought of these as "mini" Corvettes.  Light and nimble, go like stink!

Back in the early 70's I was stationed at Keesler AFB in Mississippi.  A friend bought one of these.  When he brought it by to show it off, I made the comment, "Who poured hot water on your Corvette?"  He was not amused and in very colorful language told me so.

That being said, this is a very cool build, nice clean execution and an interesting color.  Got one in my stash with plans on building as a Gasser.

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