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'71 Duster


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This was an on again, off again build. Can't remember how many times it got stalled! I finished it a few years ago. It's a kitbash of the AMT Duster Street Machine and the '70 Super Bee Pro Street. I used the Super Bee's back half, front frame clip/suspension, engine/transmission, seats and tires. The wheels are from a Revell '57 Chevy Pro Sportsman. The engine got the intake from the Duster modified to fit. The valve covers were modified to match. I also used the ignition boxes from the Duster. The rest is just details. The interior got a roll cage added, rear seat deleted and the Super Bee's bucket seats. The body was fairly simple. I just lengthened the rear wheel wells, opened the grille, opened the door handles and made the scoops functional. Paint is Model Masters Green Go and Satin Black in the interior. The strobe stripe on the hood is painted. The side body stripe is from an MPC '76 Dart.









Thanx for checking it out! 

Requested chassis photo.



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3 minutes ago, Brutalform said:

I just love your builds!! I especially like the color, the modern engine, and the fantastic detail work on the front grill. That kits grill isn’t the nicest as it comes, and you made it look very real. Very nice model. 

My sentiments EXACTLY!

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8 hours ago, Deuces ll said:

Yeah, what them^^^^^guys said!.... ??

Do you have any photos of the chassis????.... Please post those if you have them... Thanks! ?

Thanx! No, I don't have a chassis photo. I'll take one when I get a chance and post it.

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9 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

Clean , clean , clean and imaginative craftsmanship and execution ! 

It appears to me that the quarter panels were modified to a subtle degree ( wheel openings stretched ; panels pulled-outward ) , or is it just the lighting ? 

Keep on keepin' on !

Thanx! The wheel openings have been stretched. But, the quarters haven't been pulled. Has to be the reflection.  

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On 9/8/2020 at 9:41 AM, Steve H said:

Hi Roger, love this. Very nice build sir. I am still a big fan of anything tubbed, the stance is perfect, excellent colour choice.

Cheers, Steve

Thanx! I'm still a big fan of them also. They made a profound impression on my young mind back in the day that still lingers. I built a few and have two or three projects in the pile. 

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