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What if the USAC decided to race trucks in 1972

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Built this Moebius 1972 Ford Ranger Sport Custom as a "what if" race truck.

Our local club (Auto Modelers Group or A.M.G.) had a one year build of your choice a 1972 c10 or this Ford or the 1972 Ford 4x4. I chose the Sport Custom

As you can probably guess, I used only the body, glass, and trim pieces. Everything else is still in the box lol. The chassis and driveline came from a Revell Nascar kit. The rollcage was Custom built from several Nascar rollcages. Norm Nelson himself I made from a Don Garlits figure. The front bumper I scratchbuilt from Evergreen sheet and Stainless fuel filter screen. The grille was cut open and customized with screen and scratchbuilt headlight covers from acetate sheet. The rear bed cover was also made from Evergreen sheet. The hood was dropped at the front removing the F O R D letter section and sloping it downward for aerodynamics. 

Took forced perspective photos of it in front of a printout of Darlington where it would have most likely made the rounds. I did not take a lot of photos near the end of the build due to the amount of time this took to make complete.

Decals came from Mike's decals. I chose the livery because I am from the Racine area and worked at Kilbourn Gardens in high school. I can say I am glad this build is done....I like how it turned out but it fought me every step of the way as any heavy Custom kitbash will have the tendency of doing.  Enjoy!!!






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Threw in a couple pics to show how far it came
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